Green Cleaning Policy

Andover Elementary School, in compliance with the requirements of Connecticut Public Act 09-81 regarding green cleaning products in schools, is providing this information on the cleaning products used in our school. In July 2010, we initiated a Green Cleaning Program, which will be ongoing. The intent of the Green Cleaning Program is to replace potentially hazardous products and equipment that could adversely affect human health and the environment.

The components of our Green Cleaning Program, as required by CT Public Act 09-81, include:
 A description and names of environmentally preferable cleaning products being used in the school. 
The location and application of where cleaning products are used. 
The schedule or frequency of when such cleaning products are applied. 
We will work towards eliminating and monitoring cleaning products being brought in from outside unauthorized sources as required by CT Public Act 09-81 (“No parent, guardian, teacher or staff member may bring into the school facility any consumer product which is intended to clean, deodorize, sanitize or disinfect.”)
 The name of the designee who may be contacted for further information will be provided. 

Description & Product Names of Environmentally Preferable Cleaning Products

Andover Elementary School is utilizing the Betco’s Fastdraw Chemical Management System for dispensing cleaning chemicals. Fastdraw Systems are placed in strategically located custodial closets. The system is comprised of multiple dispensing options which allow flexibility, economy through accurate & consistent measurement of concentrated cleaners in RTU (Ready-To-Use) spray bottles, buckets and/or cleaning equipment.

Cleaning Products Used & Description

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Andover Elementary School will continue to provide routine scheduled audits of cleaning products and cleaning equipment used in our schools as part of our Green Cleaning Program. We will also conduct scheduled training for our custodial staff to insure that they are trained properly and remain knowledgeable in the proper and safe use of the cleaning products and equipment used in our school facilities. We will strive to remain vigilant of ongoing changes in laws, cleaning techniques and cost effective products that may affect and improve our Green Cleaning Program. Our intent is to make certain we remain in compliance with CT Public Act 09-81 and that we continue to provide our students and staff with a safe and clean environment.

The Andover Elementary School Designee whom parents, guardians or students may contact for more information:

Sally Doyen