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Serving Preschool Children, Ages 3-5 years

 About Andover Elementary School Early Learning Center

  • The preschool program services both children with special needs and typically developing children.
  • Children with special needs have priority enrollment in the preschool program.
  • Preschool slots are first filled by returning four-year-olds and incoming special needs children. Remaining slots are offered to families who meet School Readiness or Smart Start criteria.
  • Families are charged a tuition fee based on the Connecticut Sliding Fee Scale.
  • In order to be eligible for preschool enrollment, parents must fill out the necessary paperwork. This paperwork is a requirement of the School Readiness and Smart Start funding.  
  • Families are notified by the end of May of their child's preschool enrollment status.
  • Children who are not chosen will be placed on a waitlist. If slots open up, the families listed first on the waitlist will be notified by the school.
  • A mandatory meeting will be held in August for parents of all enrolled preschool children.


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Special News

   Bagels & Coffee  

Bagels with Briody

Please join our Preschool Administrator, Mr. John Briody, the first Friday of each month. 

Meetings will be held in the AES Library, 8:30-9:00am.

Preschool topics will be discussed or bring your own questions and ideas.

Coffee and bagels will be served


Families are welcome to join their children in the PK classrooms from 9:00 - 9:30am following Bagels with Briody. 

Come see what it's like to be a preschooler!

Teacher Chat

The preschool teachers will be available once a month for an opportunity for families to meet together.  Families will initiate the topics of conversation.  This is not a requirement for families.  Please contact your child's teacher to schedule an appointment.

Meetings will take place in the Lower Computer Lab.

Teacher Chat


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Preschool Photos


A Visit to the Andover Fire Station during Fire Safety Week

Fire Station



A Field Trip to Hurst Farm during our Fall & Harvest Unit

 IMG 2131


Preschool is learning about generosity through a food collection for the town Food Pantry.

IMG 2680



A visit from a local dentist to teach the preschoolers about dental health and mouth care.

IMG 2965



Gung Hay Fat Choy!  Happy Chinese New Year!

A preschool parade to celebrate this holiday and learn about another culture.


IMG 2913