Field Day 2019

Sunday Scoop 06-09-19

6th Grade Champs!
2019 Field Day at AES!
The weather was perfect and bright (like the pink “2019” shirts the 6th graders wore), and the day was so much fun during the annual Field Day this past Friday!

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AES Talent Show

Sunday Scoop 05-12-19

Andover’s Got Talent!
Andover’s annual PTA sponsored Talent Show took place on Thursday May 2nd in front of a packed gymnasium. Students (and adults) of all ages participated in demonstrating their special talents

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Sunday Scoop 05-05-19

Bang That Drum!
AES students and staff were treated to a special visit from Bolokoda Conde, a Master Drummer from West Africa, last Monday. Every student from Pre-K through grade 6 was given the opportunity to play alongside Bolokada during his two assemblies.

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70s day

Sunday Scoop 04-14-19

Peace out AES!
Staff and students celebrated 70’s day on Friday as they headed into April vacation! Tie dyes, flowery clothes and flowing hair were all on vivid display. Be sure to check out the photos at the end of the Scoop and enjoy your week off!

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