Sunday Scoop 10-07-18

Virtual Reality at AES!

Fourth graders at AES used virtual reality goggles in the Makerspace to visit the jungle this week as part of an art lesson on jungle paintings by the artist, Henri Rousseau. The students were able to use these images as inspiration for their own watercolor paintings.

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Sunday Scoop 09-30-18

Crazy Hair Day!     

Friday was our first spirit day of the year, Crazy Hair and Hat Day!  Students and staff got into the spirit as you will see by the pictures at the end of this memo.  

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Sunday Scoop 09-23-18

Our 3 Core Values!     

Mrs. DelMastro's 1st Grade is learning about values that help them to be good citizens in the communities that they belong to.  So far, they have focused on Andover Elementary School's core values of respect, responsibility, and safety.  

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Sunday Scoop 09-16-18


Tuesday was picture day at AES and despite the cloudy and drizzly conditions, we were able to take our pictures outside.  Each year we take a staff photo on the steps of the original 1948 school entrance doors.  

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