Sunday Scoop 10-14-18

 students in front of fire truck

Safety At AES!

AES students received a double-dose of safety lessons on Friday as they practiced a bus evacuation with our Dattco drivers and learned about fire prevention and protection from the Andover Fire Department. Our bus drivers read from a prepared script, identified each of the emergency exits on the bus for the students and led them in an evacuation drill. The Andover Fire Department hosted our Kindergarten and Pre K students at the firehouse and visited with grades 1-6 here at school. Each grade level learns something different about fire safety. Their annual visit coincides with National Fire Safety Week. Special thanks to our bus drivers and our Andover Fire Department!

students practicing safetystudents on bus

From the Early Learning Center

The PreK classes enjoyed an exciting visit to the Andover Firehouse on Friday. Students were treated to an important discussion about fire safety and learned about the special tools and clothing that firefighters wear. We practiced saying “911” for emergencies and talked about what constitutes an emergency. The classes were thrilled to climb aboard one of the trucks and see the interior. It was also very exciting to meet Mr. Willard, Sophia’s father, and Mr. Warriner, Nicky’s father, two of Andover’s brave firefighters! Thank you to the entire Andover Fire Department for sharing their time and expertise with our preschoolers!

¿Qué pasa en la clase de español?

 Students receive Spanish instruction in grades 3 through 6 at Andover Elementary School. Students are exposed to the Spanish language and Hispanic culture through various Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Cultural activities. For current grade-level areas of study, please visit the AES website.

Here is an overview of some of the things the students have recently been doing...

Grado 3 Third graders have been working on learning Spanish numbers 0-10.

Please ask your child to recite the numbers for you at home, they seem to enjoy sharing what they have learned! Here are some students in Mrs. Beloin’s class playing a game to practice Spanish numbers.\

spanish classstudents counting in spanishstudents learing spanish counting

Grado 4 Students in fourth grade are learning all about the calendar in Spanish: days of the week, months of the year and the four seasons. It has come as a surprise to some students that Spanish days and months are not capitalized. They have also learned that students in South American countries are enjoying a different season from those of us in the United States, so for example right now it is Spring in Argentina.

Student’s in Mrs. Bech’s class are preparing a game for calendar vocabulary practice.

4th grade spanish class4th grade spanish 24th graders on rug spanish class

Grado 5 Students are working on learning Spanish numbers 0-1,000. They have practiced the four basic language skills: Speaking by quizzing each other, Listening by using lap boards, Writing by writing out numbers in the hundreds which their classmates create for them and Reading by looking at a number written out in Spanish and saying what it is. For example: cuatrocientos cincuenta y dos = 452

Many students have already been able to handle numbers in the thousands as a challenge! Here students in Mrs. Hopkins’ clas are playing a fun game called “Tingo.” (invented by former AES student Kyle Eckert)

5th grade students5th grade spanish class

Grado 6 In sixth grade students are studying la casa y las actividades (the house and activities). At home they should be able to identify for you the rooms of the house and more, and some of the things they might do around the house. Students honed their Speaking and Writing skills by creating “nonsense” sentences in Spanish to demonstrate their knowledge of the material. Some great examples were: Como en el techo. (I’m eating on the roof.) and Nado en la sala(I’m swimming in the family room). This week the students are starting on a project they will be working on that will showcase their ability to describe a house and what people do around the house.

Here are a few students in Mr. Miller’s class getting started.

6th grade spanish class house activities6th grade spanish class house things

¡Hasta luego!


Silver Sneaker Award Winners for this Week

The two students receiving the award this week are Lincoln in Mrs. Hand’s preschool class and Turner in Ms. Webber’s 5th grade class.

Lincoln is receiving the award because he shows good effort in class and in his work. Mrs. Hand said that Lincoln volunteers to be the first student for many teacher-directed activities and works hard to follow directions and do his best! He is careful to use materials appropriately and is careful with his drawing and writing efforts. Way to go Lincoln!

Turner is receiving the award because he is showing great effort in his classes. In art, Mrs. Waine sees that Turner is very focused, he puts a lot of effort and detail into his work, and he asks for specific examples of objects to draw from. In his other classes, his teachers have seen his effort and focus improve recently and he is showing great effort in his work. Keep it up, Turner!

students of the week

From the Cafeteria

The Andover School Food Service offers an online service that will allow you to monitor your children’s mealtime purchases.  Visit to track what your child has been eating for the past 30 days, make deposits directly into their meal accounts through ACH payments, and have an email reminder sent to you when an account balance gets low.  Each child’s account will be updated nightly so that account balance information and payments will be current as of the following day. 

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Beth Pratt, Director of Food Services at 860-742-4535 or

From the Early Learning Center

The School Readiness Council is seeking preschool parent representatives.  This organization oversees and makes decisions regarding our Andover Elementary School Early Learning Center.  If you are interested in joining us once a month from 3:15-4:00, please inform your child's teacher or contact our school principal,  Mr. John Briody.

From the PTA

The Andover elementary school PTA will be presenting a discussion about school safety. The presentation will be offered in the library, Tuesday, October 23, 2018, 7:00 p.m. given by Resident State Trooper, Darrell Tetreault and school administrators. Some of the questions that will be discussed include:
● What are the measures our school has taken to keep our children safe?
● What are the different types of drills that are conducted at school and how are they carried out?
● What are some tips on how to talk to my child about school safety?

Welcome back families! We have another exciting new school year ahead of us and we are looking forward to it being a great one! We would love your involvement and hope you consider joining the PTA. Please see the attached membership form and invitation to a dessert reception. If you have any questions, please contact us at Thank you!

From the Cool Program

The C.O.O.L. Program is offering a Full Day Program, 7:30am-5: 30 pm on Tuesday, October 9th to AES children K-5, even if they are not currently enrolled in C.O.O.L. The cost of this one day program for non-COOL members is $50. Enrollment, health form, and payment are required to register your child for this day. There are limited spaces available on a first come basis. Please email Amy at to initiate the process.

Some activities that will be offered are painting, playground, making slime and a volcano, board games, speedball in the gym, nature walk, building, making our own pretzels for snack, house of cards contest, and more.

The COOL Morning Program runs on school days from 6:30 until 8:30 am and from 3:00 until 6:00 pm.  We accept Preschool through 6th grade students at AES.  Activities and art along with games and projects keep us busy.  Morning and afternoon snacks are provided.  If you might be interested in the COOL Program please contact us at:

Reminders from the Office

School Picture Retake Day is Wednesday, November 7, 2018.  Coffee Pond Photography is offering picture scholarship packages for any family who is interested in a basic picture package free of charge.  If interested, please contact Mr. Briody at or 860-742-7339.  

Each week we will be sending the Sunday Scoop to all families and staff describing the previous week’s activities and providing you with a preview of upcoming events here at AES.  You will also find attachments and inserts related to school and community events.  If you would like to add or subtract an email address, Please call or email Rosemary Crandall at 860-742-7339 or send an email to: Rosemary Crandall.

We look forward to seeing everyone Wednesday!


 Here are some pictures from Safety Day on Friday: