Sunday Scoop 11-11-18

girl singing national anthem

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Andover Elementary welcomed eighteen local Veterans to our annual Veteran’s Day Ceremony on Friday morning. Students from Pre-K through grade 6 participated in this special event by leading the pledge, reciting poems, singing patriotic songs and sharing poems and essays in honor of our Veterans. Sally Doyen and John Gasper welcomed our Veterans and students and shared some inspiring words. After the assembly, our Veterans were treated to a reception where they were able to spend time with family members and one another thanks to the AES PTA. Be sure to check out all the pictures at the end of this memo!

Superintendent speakingveteran speakerhugs for veterans

On Tuesday, the 1st Grade took a field trip to the Connecticut Historical Society's Museum & Library. They learned what life would have been like as a child in colonial Connecticut. Our trip to the past showed us what they would have worn, what chores they would have had, and what toys and games they would have played. We also discovered how very different school would have been if we lived in Colonial times. Each student came home with their very own horn book!

1st grade classdress up colonialgirl with waterbuckets

On Thursday, the 5th grade traveled to Old Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge, Massachusetts as an extension of our 5th grade Social Studies Curriculum. The students walked through a “living museum” based on life in rural New England back in the 1790’s through 1830’s. They explored “changes in the land, early American culture, and life in early America.” Students walked through the entire village asking a variety of questions, to acquire as much information as possible. Our students found many interesting aspects of life during this time period, especially visiting the schoolhouse and believe it not, simply watching the chickens wandering around the village. Overall, it was a fun filled day of learning!

churning butterfeeding sheepsturbridge village trip

What's Happening in Music

New Month, New Musician! The November Musician of the Month is percussionist Tito Puente, the son of two Puerto Rican immigrants who brought the sounds of Caribbean jazz to America, best known now as salsa music. The October musician of the month was pop singer Alessia Cara. Before Thanksgiving, 6th graders will be presenting their musician proposals in general music class; the December and January (maybe more) musicians of the month will be chosen from 6th graders proposals.

Also in the world of general music, 5th and 6th graders are wrapping up a unit on reading and playing/singing with 16th note rhythms. Over the next two weeks, students will be working in small groups to create and perform a composition that incorporates both 16th note rhythms and ostinatos (short repeating patterns). Students typically do not use their band instruments for composition assignments, however for this project I did allow 6th graders to use their band instruments if they wanted. Below, two different groups of students in Mrs. Adanti’s class compose and rehearse their pieces.

 learning instrumentschildren playing recorder

4th graders are just beginning a unit on expressive characteristics in music (dynamics, tempo, etc); essentially, expressive characteristics are all of the extra decisions that composers make which bring the pitches and rhythms to life. 4th graders sang Grizzly Bear using dynamics the class chose to highlight the message within the song. As 3rd grade parents and families are well aware, 3rd graders received their recorders in class a few weeks ago and are working with the notes B, A, and G to play Hot Cross Buns and Merrily We Roll Along. We begin with only three notes so that students can practice note and rhythm reading as well as develop a “good recorder sound”, but yes, squeaks do happen...hopefully just less and less =) Prior to beginning recorder study, 3rd graders learned all the note names on the treble clef using the mnemonic devices FACE on the Space and Empty Garbage Before Dad Flips (EGBDF) for the lines bottom to top.

2nd graders are working on sight singing skills and using the solfege syllables Do, re, mi, fa, and So to learn a variety of short songs including I Have a Dog and Fooba Wooba. Along with singing, students also used metallophones and glockenspiels to play So-Do patterns to accompany their classmates. While 2nd grade worked on melodic accuracy, 1st graders are singing, playing, and notating (with real music notes!!) quarter and eighth note rhythms in duple meter. Recently they have sang, Los Pollitos, Bow Wow Wow, and The Snail Song.

Pre-K and Kindergarten students are continuing to explore steady beat, using their sing voices, and moving to music. Last week they sang Allison’s Camel and moved to a variety of music using ribbons, this week they sang Bow Wow Wow and Over the River and Through the Woods as well as using rhythm sticks for call and response patterns and keeping a steady beat.


In the world of instrumental music, the advanced band had their best rehearsal (focused, productive, fantastic sounds...) of the year this Tuesday morning. They are excited to perform three pieces for the school and families at our upcoming concert in December. First year instrumentalists in the beginning band are working hard in lessons and at home; they will begin rehearsing as a full band every Wednesday morning on November 28th (the Wednesday after Thanksgiving). The same Wednesday afternoon will be the first rehearsal of the AES Jazz Band. All interested instrumentalists should have received the first piece, Five Note Blues from me this week.

As always, thank you for everything you do to support your kids musical endeavors, whether its singing songs with your Preschooler or dragging your 6th grader out of bed on Tuesday mornings for band rehearsal!

Silver Sneaker Award Winners for this Week

This week our two students who are receiving this award are Caid in Mrs. Adant’s class and Abby in Mrs. Hopkins class.
Caid was nominated for this award by a number of teachers this week. Mrs. Adanti noticed that Caid has been putting forth his best effort, being a role model to others with his behavior and putting in extra effort in the classroom. He is really trying his best in all areas and has been advocating for himself when he needs assistance. Mrs. Kurtz added that Caid goes above and beyond to be sure that his work is of quality and he always asks really good questions. His class participation is very positive and productive. We all noticed that he is kind to others in the way he speaks and he is respectful and helpful by picking up things for classmates, pushing in chairs for others, etc. He. also has very good manners. Amazing job, Caid!

Abby is being awarded this award for being helpful and considerate with her peers. Mrs. Yeoman’s says that she always sees Abby willing to help others in any way that she can. She also said that she always works hard and gets her work done. Mrs. Fahey said that Abby showed great effort in both book club and makerspace. She shows thoughtfulness in what she does and you can tell she is working to the best of her ability.

Remember, November is the month of gratitude. Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and a readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness to others. We will be looking for students in November to receive the award who are showing gratitude towards others.

gratitude sign


students of the week 

From the Cafeteria

The Andover School Food Service offers an online service that will allow you to monitor your children’s meal time purchases. Visit  to track what your child has been eating for the past 30 days, make deposits directly into their meal accounts through ACH payments, and have an email reminder sent to you when an account balance gets low. Each child’s account will be updated nightly so that account balance information and payments will be current as of the following day.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Beth Pratt, Director of Food Services at 860-742-4535 or

From the Early Learning Center: Preschool Openings!

There are still a few preschool openings at Andover Elementary School's Early Learning Center for the 2018-19 school year. Andover's preschool program is full-day. Before and after-school care is available.

Children who will be age 3 on or before Dec. 31 are eligible to attend. AELC is currently looking for families who meet School Readiness Criteria and who qualify for reduced tuition payments. Families do not need to be Andover residents to be considered.

Contact the school office at 860-742-7339 for more information or to obtain a registration packet, or download one at: 

From the COOL Program:

Andover Recreation Commission, ALPOA (Andover Lake), and COOL (the after-school program at AES), are working together to build a summer camp program for children in Andover. Although the program is just in the idea stage, thoughts include; time at the lake (including swim lessons), hiking, gardening, sports, arts and crafts, science exploration, games, nature exploration, etc. We are looking to see what the interest in such a program would be.  There is a survey for families attached:  Andover Summer Camp Survey

Weekly Eco-Friendly Tip

Each week we will be presenting an eco-friendly tip to all of our families:

Make use of natural light as much as possible.

Rather than relying on artificial light and conserving energy, seek to make the most of external lighting. Natural light provides a bright, warm ambiance and also provides natural heat into the home. Look into development options within the home that will allow for good natural light solutions, such as Velux windows, skylights and shutters.

Reminders from the Office...

The Andover Recreation Commission, ALPOA (Andover Lake), and the COOL program are working together to build a summer day camp in Andover using several resources in our town. Please complete the survey so that we are aware of the needs of young families in town, and what you may be interested in participating in. 

Intergenerational Day will take place on Wednesday November 21, 2018 from 9:00 until 10:30 AM.

Fall temperatures have arrived. Please make sure that your son or daughter has a warmer jacket or sweatshirt for outdoor recess.

The Scholastic Book Fair will be taking place on November 19-21 and will be open on Intergenerational Day.

School Picture Retake Day is Wednesday November 7, 2018. Coffee Pond Photography is offering picture scholarship packages for any family who is interested in a basic picture package free of charge. If interested, please contact Mr. Briody at or 860-742-7339.

Each week we will be sending the Sunday Scoop to all families and staff describing the previous week’s activities and providing you with a preview of upcoming events here at AES. You will also find attachments and inserts related to school and community events. If you would like to add or subtract an email address, Please call or email Rosemary Crandall at 860-742-7339 or send an email to: Rosemary Crandall Email.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!

Here are some pictures from this week: