Sunday Scoop 02-03-19

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Andover’s staff and students celebrated Sports Teams Day on Friday by wearing their favorite jerseys and hats in support of their favorite teams. The New England Patriots were well-represented as they get ready to appear in yet another Super Bowl this afternoon. Be sure to check out all of the pictures at the end of the Scoop!

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Families and friends of AES packed the gymnasium on Friday for our annual PTA Bingo Night! This year’s theme invited families to attend in their pajamas which added to the festive nature of the evening. The night featured 15 games and dozens of raffle prizes thanks to the generous donations of the Andover community and local businesses. Thank you to everyone who helped make this night such an overwhelming success, especially Trish Brainard and Amanda Albert.

What’s Happening in PE...

Over the past 5 weeks, things have been very busy in the AES gymnasium. Students have been busy with a variety of units and activities. One change that has happened is that we have a student teacher in our gymnasium that I’d like you to meet.
Hello Andover Elementary Staff and Families,
My name is Winter Thorne-Kaunelis, and I am currently a senior undergraduate student studying at Eastern Connecticut State University to become a Health and Physical Education educator. For the next 7 weeks, I will be working with Mr. Moynihan to improve my teaching by working with students from preschool through 6th grade. I have a passion for physical activity and sports and have always wanted to share my love and knowledge with eager students. As a child, I loved to play sports such as soccer, ultimate frisbee, and tennis. In my free time I enjoy hiking and kayaking with my family. I am from a small town called Norfolk, CT which is in the northwestern part of the state. Thank you for the opportunity for me to learn and grow as a future educator!
If you need to reach me for any reason please feel free to email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting as many of the families in town as I can as I work with your children over the next few week. My email address is: 

intro to student teacher

Students in our youngest grades just finished up with their gymnastics unit. We rolled, tumbled, climbed on top of mats, jumped down and practiced landing softly, climbed through tunnels, walked on balance beams, you name it, we did it. Students were first taught how to perform safely on the pieces of equipment, and we practiced until we felt comfortable and safe. Students had a variety of choices during the unit so they could perform at a level that was best for them. It took awhile for some students to gain the confidence that they could perform some of the skills that were new to them. Others came in and were eager from the start, but in the end, we all gained a lot from this experience and can take with us a sense of accomplishment and new found confidence in ourselves and our abilities.

student tumblestudent tumble 1

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girl tumblegirl balance beam

Most recently, Mr. Winter, our student teacher, has begun to work with our younger students in grades PK-2nd grade on a tossing and throwing and he will continue to work with them and all of our students during his time with us.

Students in grades 3-6 recently began using pedometers. In grades 3, 4, and 5, students worked on using pedometers to do some estimating to learn how they worked and to see how much, or how little, exercise they were getting while performing a number of tests. Students were asked to work with partners and make estimates for things such as, skipping across the gym and back, running across and back, jumping down and back, and making up their own example. One of the other exercises we used for a step estimate was was “push-ups.” This exercise fooled many students because many of them didn’t realize that even though push-ups are a great strength building activity, not ALL activities work well to gain steps on a pedometer. We will continue to use these as the year goes on and into the future as a tool to motivate students to move more and more. Students will add their step counts at the end of each PE class and keep track of their total steps each week. When students reach certain step levels, they can earn reward bracelets (5,000 steps, 10,000 steps, 25,000 steps, 50,000 steps, 100,000 steps and 500,000 steps) that they keep to remind them of the hard work they have accomplished.

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6th grade students finished up writing lesson plans in small groups and teaching creative new games to the class. They were able to take two or three games that they liked and make them into new games or they could totally create new games creating their own rules, scoring, boundaries, etc. They had to teach us if the game was cooperative or competitive, demonstrate and explain, have a name for their game, what equipment they needed, and then after setting it up, demonstrate it before we could play. It was a lot of work and the students did a great job and really showed their creativity and cooperation when creating these games.

6th gradersobsticle coursestudents sitting on wall

Students in these upper grades have just started a basketball unit. We are working on, dribbling, passing, shooting, rebounding and defense in a variety of skills and games so far. We played “red light, green light” using paddles with green and red on them so students practiced dribbling with their head up. We begin practicing lay-up lines for the beginning of class as a warm-up to work on dribbling, shooting, rebounding and passing, and most recently, we are working on a shooting game called, “hot shots” where students had a lot of chances to take shots from places they felt comfortable and from places they would take a shot in a game when they play. If they make the shot, they pick up the circle and bring it back to their teams hula-hoop. If they miss, they dribble back to their team and give the next person in line a high five and their teammate gets a turn. All students who are waiting are dribbling and the first team to get a designated number of circles first (10, 12, 15) wins the round. We then continue playing where the whole class plays as one team and they have the last few minutes of class to all dribble and shoot and try and collect the remaining spots on the ground before the time is up. The students had a lot of chances to practice their shooting and seemed to enjoy the game. We will use this game as a warm-up activity going forward as well as we continue our basketball unit.

Jump Rope for Heart information was sent home with students this past week. If your child didn’t receive the information, please let me know and I will get it to them this week. Below is the schedule for when our events are taking place. Money can be returned on the day of your child’s event. ALL money needs to be in by March 15th to ensure all “thank you gifts” can be ordered and delivered in time. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

Jump Rope for Heart Schedule

February 26th-March 1st

Tuesday, February 26th - No events taking place

Wednesday, February 27th - 4th grade(10:10-11:00), 3rd grade(11:10-12:00), 1st and 2nd grade combined(2:10-3:00)

Thursday, February 28th -6th grade(9:10-10:00), 5th grade(10:10-11:00)

Friday, March 1st- No events taking place

Silver Sneaker Awards Winners for this Week

The two students that are receiving the awards for this week are Morgan in Mrs. Bech’s class and Viola in Mrs. Paquette’s class.
Morgan is receiving the award this week for really working on making good choices and for being very honest. She always returns items that she has borrowed and also goes out of her way to help classmates who may have misplaced school supplies or other items. Morgan has done a really good job this year on focusing on her work and being responsible. Really great job, Morgan!
Viola is a student who possesses outstanding qualities. She is honest, respectful, helpful, trustworthy, hard working and shows perseverance. Viola is always willing to stop what she is doing and help others. She goes above and beyond and always tells the truth even though she may get herself in trouble. When asking students a question she is the first to respond openly and honestly. Viola is well deserving of the Silver Sneaker Award.
Starting next week, teachers will be looking for students who show empathy towards others. remember, showing empathy means:

silver sneakerempathy sign

Speech and Language Tidbits: See Mrs. Keedy's web-page to see what the SPEECH BANANA is all about! 

***Help Wanted***

The library media center is looking for parent volunteers to come in on Mondays to help put books away. If you are available to help please email me at 

 From the Cafeteria:

The Andover School Food Service offers an online service that will allow you to monitor your children’s meal time purchases. Visit to track what your child has been eating for the past 30 days, make deposits directly into their meal accounts through ACH payments, and have an email reminder sent to you when an account balance gets low. Each child’s account will be updated nightly so that account balance information and payments will be current as of the following day.

If you have questions or need more information, please contact Beth Pratt, Director of Food Services at 860-742-4535 or

From the Early Learning Center:

Registration for the 2019-20 school year will begin in February 2019.

We will be hosting a Preschool Open House on Wednesday February 13th at 6:00 PM for all Andover families of children who will be turning 3 in 2019. Tell your neighbors!

From the AES PTA:

Thank you for attending Bingo Night! Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming Science Fair!

Eco-Friendly Tip of the Week:

Reduce waste by practicing greener habits within the kitchen
Unfortunately, there is a lot of waste that occurs within the kitchen. By educating family members on this issue and asking them to reduce their reliance on disposables, you will be effectively reducing household waste. Some simple tips include:
– Switching from buying bottled water to investing in a water filter for your tap, or serving water with a slice of lemon.
– Replacing disposable napkins with cloths.
– Replacing disposable knives, forks, spoons, plates and cups with metal, ceramic or glass equivalents.
– Recycle bags (such as shopping bags) for other uses within the home.
– Recycling cardboard boxes for future storage.

Reminders from the Office...

Parents, please contact the office directly, either by calling or email, if your child will be absent from school. Thank you.

We conducted a lockdown drill on Wednesday January 30th at 1:00 PM at AES. We wanted to make families aware of this practice. We practice safety and security procedures each month throughout the year.

The annual Pasta Supper and Schoolwide Art Show will be taking place on Thursday February 21st in the school cafeteria and downstairs hallways from 4:45 until 7:00 PM. Mark your calendars for this very special evening!

Go Patriots!


Here are some pictures from this week: