Sunday Scoop 03-17-19

Literacy Night Header

Reading is Fundamental!

Over 30 students from Kindergarten through second grade and their families took part in Thursday’s Literacy Night at AES! Students and their families had the opportunity to visit five different rooms to participate in various activities connected to early literacy. . Some of the activities included Sound Hop, Short Vowel Logic Puzzles, Compound Word Sco ot, Fluency Tic-Tac-Toe and Magic E Match-ups. Each room had three different activities and students earned rainbow-colored stickers after visiting each room. At the end of the night, four lucky students won raffle prizes that included books and word games. Congratulations to Nikki Warriner, Brian Johnson, Derrick Gold and Kylie Wilson. Special thanks to Mrs. Cariboni, Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. DelMastro and Mrs. Paquette for helping to make this evening such a success! Be sure to check out the pictures at the end of the Scoop!

kids with stacks of books and games

On Tuesday, the first and second graders had the opportunity to learn some calming karate techniques from special guest Mrs. Jenny Caler from KLC Dojos. Moves such as "Tiger Reaching for the Sky" and "Dragon Rides the Wind" incorporate movement and breathing to help students relax their bodies and maintain focus. Mrs. Caler integrated these techniques into a story she shared about the animals of the Chinese Zodiac and how they earned their place. This story focused on the positive character traits of each animal and how each of us can emulate these traits in our day to day lives.

kid yoga

Mrs. Morrell's class celebrated Rainbow Day on Thursday as part of a week filled with colors. To wrap up our unit on Nutrition, the class worked in groups to make healthy Rainbow Yogurt Popsicles. We had learned about the food groups and this snack featured three of them. The popsicles were made with fruits, vegetables, and yogurt to represent six colors of the rainbow. The children layered the colored mixtures to create their colorful popsicles. We were lucky to have several volunteers to help the groups, some PK parents and two former AES employees. The children were so excited to eat these frozen treats to end our week.

kid with rainbow popscooping rainbow popmelting rainbow pop

AES was treated to a special performance by an Irish Step Dancing troupe on Friday afternoon featuring Kate Landry, Rosalee Kelly and Rebecca King among others from the Scoil Rince Luimni (SRL) Irish Dance Academy. As an added treat, they invited five students onstage and taught them a few basic steps.

irish step dancers on stageirish step dancinglearning irish step dancing

What’s Happening in PE?

Hello again Andover staff, families, and community members. To those of you who are unfamiliar with who I am, my name is Winter Thorne-Kaunelis and I have been a Physical Education student teacher at AES for the past 7 weeks. My last day here is March 22nd and as my time student teaching comes to a close, I’d like to share some of the things I’ve been doing with the students at AES during my time.

I first began teaching a unit on underhand throwing for preschool to second grade. In these lessons we worked on throwing a variety of items including scarves, beanbags, yarn balls, and rubber animals. Students practiced by themselves, with partners, and in a group setting to work on learning the cues and to work on their skill progression. We repeatedly practiced and said the cues, “Step, tick, tock” to remember all of the important parts of underhand throwing properly. Students became more and more proficient with their underhand throwing skills so we were able to take those skills and incorporate them into games such as, “Messy Backyard” and “Oscar’s Trash Can.” The students grew a lot in their understanding and skill practice and became more confident and comfortable with their throwing ability.

Another activity that we did as a fun, cooperative activity to teach to Mr. Winter was a game called, “Cooperative Snowman Building.” In the middle of the gym there was a bunch of equipment: Hula hoops, pool noodles, bean bags, jump ropes, hats, gloves, scarves, balls of many sizes, rubber rings, frisbees, poly-spots, rackets, carrots (yes real carrots), etc. Students were put into 4 teams. On the “go” signal, the first person runs to the center of the gym to get one item and bring it back to their cone, then the next person will go, and so on. The students don’t know what they are collecting items for (which is why the carrots were so interesting AND confusing to them when they first saw them with all of the normal PE equipment) , they just know that they need to collect items and bring them back to their team. They want to get as many pieces as they can. The students continued to take turns picking up one item for 3-4 minutes. After the time is up, each team will start creating their snowmen using the cooperative skills they have learned: listening, sharing ideas, working as a team, respecting others, etc.. Each teams snowman need to be built using ALL of the equipment collected. The students may not exclude any equipment or trade any with any other teams. Groups can also name their snowman. During our preschool activity, we had 6th graders volunteer to come down and work with the preschool classes with this activity.

Below are some of our pictures from our snowman building activity:

snowman building in gymsnowman materialsusing materials to build snowmanboys with snowman materialsmaterials for snowmankids building snowman

During one of our extra PE classes on Fridays, Mr. Winter taught us a new cooperative game called, “Scooter Ships” where our Kindergarten and 1st grade students had to work cooperatively using mats and scooters to make “ships”. Students then had to steer their boats, transporting their teammates around a designated area carefully without crashing into other boats, rocks, buoy’s, or going outside the designated area. If this happened, students lose one of their scooters for a short period of time, but still had to move their boats around. Quickly they realized how much harder it is to work and push when students weren’t being safe or careful or weren’t showing good teamwork, thus causing them to lose a scooter. They worked hard to correct those behaviors and show good cooperation so they could earn their scooter back. Below are some pictures from our activity:

kids on scootersmiling kids on scootersstudents on scooterslots of students on scooters

With the upper students (3rd-6th grade) we are currently teaching a unit on soccer that will be finishing very soon. Students have learned how to dribble (keeping their eyes looking up), pass (non kicking foot beside the ball, strike the center of the ball, and use the inside part of your foot) trap (lift, twist, give), and shoot (non kicking foot beside the ball, strike the center of the ball, use laces to strike ball) while playing soccer. Students did a really good job with practicing and working on their skills. Some games that we played during this unit were, “Pinball Wizard” where we practiced passing and shooting skills, “Head-ups Soccer” that incorporated dribbling, passing and trapping, and a dribbling game called, “ Noodle tag.” We want to thank Mr. Winter for teaching us these new games and helping us to learn, practice, and reinforce our soccer skills during his time with us. Below are some pictures from some of our most recent soccer activity where we practiced passing and trapping.

soccer unitkicking ballkid with ballsoccer unit

Prior to Mr. Winter teaching us soccer, we finished up our basketball unit before transitioning to soccer. We practiced many of the important skills needed for basketball and each class, students improved in their abilities and also their confidence. As we got towards the end of this unit we played a shooting game called, “Hot shots” that helped us practice our shooting and dribbling skills, but also reinforced our teamwork theme that is important in most things that we practice in all grades in PE class. We finished up our unit by taking all of the skills we learned and practiced (dribbling, shooting, passing, rebounding, and defense) and played a culminating game called, “Sideline” basketball. Students have been exposed to a variety of game forms designed to help practice these skills in fun and challenging ways for both basketball and soccer.. Students have really improved a lot in not only their skill level with both basketball and soccer skills, but also in their confidence and ability levels.
I look forward to my last couple of weeks working with and continuing to learn from all of the wonderful students and staff here at AES! I would also like to give a thank you to all the staff here at AES especially Mr. Moynihan for graciously welcoming me into the school and helping me to learn and grow as a future educator.

We would like to thank Mr. Winter for all of his hard work work and dedication to the AES students over the last 7 weeks. Good luck during your next adventure and we hope to see you when you come back to visit us and play with us on our Field Day on June 7th! Make sure you bring a pair of dry clothes to change into (hint hint!).

Math Enrichment

The 5th grade Math Enrichment students received a letter a few weeks ago from the third grade teachers asking them for their help. The teachers were looking for fun ways to help their students learn their multiplication facts so they asked the math enrichment students to design some games. The 5th graders worked hard to create games that would have the third graders improving their math skills. After completing the design process, the 5th graders invited the 3rd graders to Mrs. Frazier’s classroom to show them how the games were to be played. All went well and the third grade students now have a variety of games they can play that will strengthen their multiplication skills.

Silver Sneaker Award Winners

The two students receiving the Silver Sneaker Awards for this week are Kirin in Mrs. Morrell’s class and Davis in Mrs. Bush’s class.

Kirin is receiving the award because he is always aware of showing fairness with his classmates. We can always count on him to make choices that are fair to everyone, even if it means he gives up something for others. He is thoughtful with his friends and makes sure that he always shares turns, toys and kindness. Kirin has continued to show ALL of our monthly character traits - way to go Kirin!

Davis is receiving the award for always being an advocate for fairness. He is always the first person to point out when something isn't being done fairly. He has the knack of putting things into perspective and trying to find creative solutions to issues. He tries hard and always wants thing to go well for everyone. That is why Davis has earned the silver sneaker award this week. Great job Davis!

silver sneaker winners

Remember our character theme for March is Fairness. Fairness means:


A new parent support group is starting at AHM Youth & Family Services for parents who have a child who has ADHD or ODD or any parent who has concerns that their child may have issues with inattention and/or impulsivity. This group is facilitated by the Clinical Director of AHM, Megan Aldridge. It is free of charge and meets twice per month on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30, starting on March 27. Please see the attached flyer for more information.


Have you heard about the Momo Challenge? Are you concerned? Want to learn more?
Check out this link for an informational document: 

be internet awesome logo

Join us for a Be Internet Awesome family workshop!
You’ll learn about how to be safe and smart online.
Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Andover Elementary School
6:30-8:00 pm

***Help Wanted***

The library media center is looking for parent volunteers to come in on Mondays to help put books away. If you are available to help please email me at

From the Student Council:

In student council we have been working on many things, including a plastic bag drive. The plastic bag drive will end March 15th. All you need to do is bring in your plastic bags and put them in the green box, in the main office. You may be wondering why we want plastic bags. Well, one of our members saw this video where plastic bags were used to make mats for homeless people by cutting them up and crocheting them into a 3’ by 6’ mat, and we decided that we could have the senior citizens who know how to crochet, help crochet and we cut up all the plastic bags. Please help us reach our goal. Every bag counts!

From the Early Learning Center:

The next Bagels with Briody and PreK classroom visits will take place on Friday April 5 at 8:30 AM. Pre K registration is underway for the 2019-20 school year. Andover children who will turn 3 years old before December 31, 2019 are eligible. Tell your neighbors! 

From the AES PTA:

The Andover PTA 222nd Annual Andover Elementary School Science Fair will be held on Thursday, April 4, 2019, from 6-7:15 in the AES Gymnasium. This year this will include projects from the entire 5th & 6th grade and a Mad Science Discovery Center table. Use your scientific curiosity to research a topic, conduct an experiment, or design and build a display. Projects can be as simple or as complex as you wish, the important thing is to participate! Prizes will be awarded to all participants. Entry forms are due by 3/29/19. If you are not sure what your topic will be, but want to participate, just submit a form and leave the topic blank.
Students from ALL grades are invited to participate. Do your own project, or one with partners, or both.
For more information please contact Lori Blake ( or Marienella Chalfant (

The Annual PTA Andover Elementary School Talent Show is is May 2nd! 

Auditions will be held Tuesday, March 26th after school on the stage.
Permission forms will be sent home shortly and are due March 20th. Extra forms are attached to this memo. If you have any questions please contact Paula King at: or 860-209-1279.

Eco-Friendly Tip of the Week:

Set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible in the summer and as low as possible in the winter. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall heating and cooling bill will be.

Reminders from the Office...

Second trimester report card will be going home with students on Friday March 22, 2019.

AES will dismiss students on Friday March 29 at 1:00 PM for Parent/Teacher Conferences. If you are interested in scheduling a conference with your child’s teacher, please call Rosemary Crandall at 860-742-7339.

Auditions for the AES PTA Talent Show will be held Tuesday, March 26th after school on the stage.

Parents, please contact the office directly, either by calling or email, if your child will be absent from school. Thank you.

Auditions for the AES PTA Talent Show will be held Tuesday, March 26th after school on the stage.


Here are some pictures from this week: