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Go Huskies!

AES students and staff showed their Husky Spirit on Friday as March Madness continues for the Lady Huskies. They play Louisville today at noon for a trip to the Final Four in Minneapolis! Be sure to check out more of our spirit photos at the end of the Scoop!

Students in grades two through six were treated to a special visit from graphic novelist (author and illustrator) David Roman on Wednesday afternoon. He is the author of a series called Astronaut Academy and the editor of the Science Comic series. Each teacher received coies of his books Astronaut Academy: Zero Gravity and Astronaut Academy: Re-Entry to keep in classroom libraries. David shared his story of how he became a published author and illustrator and invited students up to draw on the easel. It was a very interactive and engaging assembly. Thank you to Mrs. Loteczka for arranging for his visit to AES!

2 walking club3 walking club4 walking club

The Walking Club returns on Tuesday April 2, 2019 and will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the remainder of the school year. We are always looking for parent volunteers to assist between 12 and 1:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please call Rosemary Crandall if you are interested.

The annual PTA Science Fair will be on display this Thursday from 6:00 until 7:15 PM in the gymnasium. All are welcome to attend this free event.

Our monthly Principal Lunch took place on Thursday afternoon. Students were selected by their classroom teacher for demonstrating Fairness, this month’s character theme. We had a nice time together and even had time to play a game.

5 principal lunch

What’s Happening in Music?!

New Month, New Musician! The Musician of the Month for the month of March was world famous cellist, Yo-Yo Ma. He is known for stunning tone quality as well as recording and performing in a variety of classical and popular genres, including multiple collaborations with multi-instrumentalist Bobby McFerrin.

6 yoyo ma

In the world of instrumental music at AES, the AES Jazz Band is preparing for their first performance of the year by putting finishing touches on our three tunes, Dressed in Black, Five Note Blues, and Funky See, Funky Do, as well as practicing improvisation skills. The AES Jazz Band will perform on April 25th at RHAM High School in the All-Town Jazz Festival, alongside bands from RHAM High School, Middle School, Hebron, and Marlborough. The night will culminate, as always, in a five-band combined tune featuring a soloist from each school. The Jazz Band will also join the ¾ and ⅚ Choruses, Beginning Band, and Advanced Band in performing at the AES Spring Concert on Thursday, May 23rd.

7 band members playing

In the world of general music, first and second graders are in the midst of units on the four different instrument families; brass, woodwind, percussion, and string. The kids love this unit because we make straw oboes and get to play the “big kid” percussion in the back of my classroom as well as try out ukuleles and brass instruments. First grade is also simultaneously working on singing in triple meter with quarter and eighth note subdivisions (galloping rhythm), while second graders are singing two and three part rounds. Fourth graders are learning about jazz music, specifically how the style and instrumentation of jazz groups changed over time as well as how to improvise.

From Ms. Brevetti:

During the month of March, I am now teaching preschool, kindergarten, 3rd grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, beginning band, all band lessons, and one song with each choir! It has been so amazing getting to know the students at Andover!

8 kids on drums

In preschool and kindergarten, we are continuing our unit with beat and rhythm learning many new songs and games and instruments along the way. Both classes have been using iconic notation to represent both rhythms and pitches in their songs! The kindergarten class has also started to represent notes and rhythms with their own bodies in chairs.

The 3rd graders, have all been working on recorder karate along with compositions for their recorders. Every 3rd grader has performed their compositions for me on their recorders and we are continuing this unit through a whole class competition where each class writes a composition that they will perform in their concert in May!

9 3rd graders in music class

5th grade=fun with ukuleles! The 5th graders have been learning four chords on the ukulele and have even started to read tablature so that they are able to play individual notes. Each 5th grade class has been working on playing Amazing Grace on the ukulele through reading tablature.

10 girls playing guitar

The 6th graders have been working hard on their composition unit! So far, the 6th graders have composed a four measure melody using instruments and their voices. Now, the 6th graders are learning how to use the program Noteflight, which is a program that will allow them to write their compositions on the computers.

In beginning band, the students have been working on performing their entire B flat major scale as a whole band. They are also continuing to progress with their two pieces Concerto for Crash Cymbals and Popcorn!
In ¾ choir, we have been learning the song “Pamoja”, which is a piece in an African language meaning together. The 3rd and 4th graders have been learning how to sing this piece in a round, while also working on their solfegg skills.
In ⅚ choir, we have been learning the song “Like the Beat of a Drum” and really working on matching our vowel sounds and cutting off together. This piece will be a great addition to their concert on May 23rd.

2019 AES Talent Show Program Contest

Attention all 5th and 6th graders. We are inviting all 5th and 6th graders who are interested, to submit a program cover design for the talent show. Please have the design include the following:
Date and time of the show: Thursday, May 2nd, 2019, 7:00 p.m.
Title: Andover Elementary School Annual PTA Talent Show

If you are interested in submitting your idea for the program cover please contact Paula King at or 860-209-1279. Your design may be hand drawn or designed on a computer. Please submit your entry by emailing it. If it is a hand drawn entry please scan it, and email it. All submissions must be received by Wednesday, April 24th. After the submissions are received, the top three will be picked and the school will vote on which one they like best. The winner will have their design printed on this year’s program cover.

Andover Summer Camp

Andover Recreation Commission is sponsoring this Pilot Program in Andover. The Recreation Commission, , ALPOA (Andover Lake Property Owners Association), Andover
Library, and Andover Senior Transportation are working together to put on a Summer Camp utilizing some of Andover’s own Resources. The camp will include a variety of activities for all ages, including; gardening, hiking, arts and crafts, building, sports, nature study, games, waterplay, wood working, science exploration and more. Children going into First Grade and up will visit Andover Lake daily, and receive swim lessons for 4 weeks of the program. There will
be visits to and from the Andover Library. The children will play on the playground and use the gymnasium at AES and explore the Trails and Woodlands behind the Town Hall and School.
This Pilot Program will run from the first full week of summer vacation until August 2nd.
Registration begins March 1st. There will be a limited number of openings each week so register early.

After-School Clubs:

This past Monday, 16 students attended the first meeting for the newly formed after school drama club. Students learned that this will not be your typical drama club where they would read a script and perform a show as an actor or cast member. Participants will discover over the course of the next two months how a Producer is the most important person in a production, what a Stage Manager's role is, how a Costume and Set designer decide on how their pieces will look, and much more!

After starting with a fun ice-breaker to get to know one another and use their improv skills, the group came up some names for the club and all voted. The winner that came out on top was Fireball Dramatics.

The students were then split into two groups and read through three productions. Then they voted on which one they will perform and produce the last week of the club.

Next week they will hold a read through and mock audition while learning what a director does. Students and advisers are both excited and looking forward to the coming weeks to see how this club will evolve. Until then............................ cue the lights and raise the curtain!

11 drama club

12 maker space sign

PreK-6th Grade

13 kids in maker space14 pre k maker space15 kids in maker space

Tech Time for our PreK students changed into Makerspace time for the month of March. The students first experiences were exploring numerous building materials. The students enjoyed being creative and used lots of language to explain their thoughts as they used their engineering skills.

16 kids with legos maker space17 kids in maker space18 kids in maker space19 kids at table in library

The PreK students were challenged with the task of using Duplo blocks to create a house for a small stuffed animal. These are the Duplo blocks that the Andover PTA presented Mrs. Frazier with after granting her request in the fall.

20 kids with Legos21 kids building house with legos22 building with duplos23 kids with legos24 kid with lego house25 kids with legos

Kindergarteners strengthened their study of 3D shapes during their Makerspace time by using straws and connectors. They first created squares and then joined them together to create a cube. By working with a partner, they then joined two cubes together to make a rectangular prism. With the remaining time, students became creative and used their imaginations.   

26 Kindergartners with building sticks27 Kindergartners with building sticks28 Kindergartners with building sticks29 Kindergartners with building sticks30 Kindergartners with tall stick building31 Kindergartners with building sticks32 Kindergartners with building sticks

First graders were proud to have their string art on display at the Art show and were excited to bring them home. Their next challenge involved cup stacking. Students worked on their perseverance skills as they learned that stacking cups can be quite difficult. Presented with a rubber band and string, the students learned to use a tool that allowed them to stack the cups without touching them. The students had to communicate with their partner about how they wanted to stack the cups and how to pull on the rubber band.

33 art show 1st graders34 kids stacking cups35 kids stacking cups36 kids stacking cups

Second graders were tasked with the job of wrapping their string art projects for safe travels home. The students used newspaper and a limited amount of masking tape to complete this challenge.

Working with cups just as the first graders, the second graders strengthened their teamwork skills as they were faced with needing to communicate with each other in order to meet the challenges they were presented with. One wrong move would send the cups crashing down and the teams had to recoup and refocus. The intensity level was high as was the excitement when a group was successful.

37 2nd graders wrapping projects38 kids stacking cups40 kids stacking cups

Silver Sneaker Award Winners

The two students that are receiving the Silver Sneaker Award for this week are Ava in Mrs. Bech’s class and Alejandro in Ms. Webber’s class.
Mrs. Bech is happy to recommend Ava for the Silver Sneaker Award this week. Ava has been working very hard on classwork assignments and makes good choices on a daily basis. She is always willing to help a classmate or a teacher during the school day. For example, Ava often will put a classmate's chair down who is absent and will write that student's name and the date on the top of all make up work papers. She also is kind to others and never complains about things not being fair. She is very responsible and always does whatever her classroom job may be for the week. Way to go Ava! Keep up the excellent work.

Alejandro is very deserving of the Silver Sneaker Award. Although he is always a kind friend, he has really been demonstrating silver sneaker behavior lately. Alejandro has gone above and beyond recently to help his friend who is on crutches. Alejandro has been helping his friend to get unpacked in the morning and packed up in the afternoon as well as getting him things that he needs to stay organized throughout the day. At recess, instead of running around and playing, you can find him sitting at the picnic table with his friend playing cards or chatting. Alejandro recognizes that it's important to be fair, and works hard to make sure that his friend, and others, have what they need to be happy.

41 silver sneaker winners

Remember our character theme for March is Fairness. Fairness means:


Next week we will begin looking for students who display all of our core values at AES, but our primary focus will be on searching for students who display perseverance.

Speech and Language Tidbits:
Scroll on down to "March 30, 2019" entry on Mrs. Keedy's web page at AES website:  for information and a valuable resource for learning common SIGN LANGUAGE words, to help facilitate speech and language development in young children, even if they don't having hearing impairment ( great for both "early" and "late talkers" ! ).

A new parent support group is starting at AHM Youth & Family Services for parents who have a child who has ADHD or ODD or any parent who has concerns that their child may have issues with inattention and/or impulsivity. This group is facilitated by the Clinical Director of AHM, Megan Aldridge. It is free of charge and meets twice per month on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30, starting on March 27. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

be internet awesome logo

Join us for a Be Internet Awesome family workshop!
You’ll learn about how to be safe and smart online.
Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Andover Elementary School
6:30-8:00 pm

***Help Wanted***

The library media center is looking for parent volunteers to come in on Mondays to help put books away. If you are available to help please email me at 

Spring has sprung and so has the Walking Club!  Walking club starts up again next week.  Please email Rosemary Crandall at if you are willing to help out.

From the Student Council:

In student council we have been working on many things, including a plastic bag drive. The plastic bag drive will end March 15th. All you need to do is bring in your plastic bags and put them in the green box, in the main office. You may be wondering why we want plastic bags. Well, one of our members saw this video where plastic bags were used to make mats for homeless people by cutting them up and crocheting them into a 3’ by 6’ mat, and we decided that we could have the senior citizens who know how to crochet, help crochet and we cut up all the plastic bags. Please help us reach our goal. Every bag counts!

From the Early Learning Center:

The next Bagels with Briody and PreK classroom visits will take place on Friday April 5 at 8:30 AM. Pre K registration is underway for the 2019-20 school year. Andover children who will turn 3 years old before December 31, 2019 are eligible. Tell your neighbors! 

From the AES PTA:

PTA reminder: our annual science fair is Thursday 4/4 from 6-7:15. You can drop off your projects Wednesday 4/3 between 6-7pm and Thursday 4/4 between 8-9am.

This year the PTA is joining with the Hartford Yard Goats for a spring fundraiser. Andover’s game is designated for Friday April 26. Look for the flyer this week to learn how you can purchase tickets!

Thanks to Paula King and Mr. Piros for their work on the talent show and a big congratulations to all our talented students who auditioned for our annual talent show. Based on the auditions, this will be show you don’t want to miss! The show will be held Thursday 5/2.

Eco-Friendly Tip of the Week:

Shopping Bags: While shopping, if you only buy a few products skip the shopping bag. For larger purchases, bring your own eco-friendly bags. Learn about pollution caused by plastics.

Reminders from the Office...

The Science Fair will be taking place on Thursday April 4th from 6:00 until 7:15 PM in the gymnasium.
Our next AES Spirit Day is Friday April 12th. It’s 70’s Day!!!

April Vacation will take place from April 13th through April 21. School will resume on April 22.

Parents, please contact the office directly, either by calling or email, if your child will be absent from school. Thank you.

See you on Monday!


Here are some pictures from this week: