Sunday Scoop 04-07-19


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Science Rocks!
Scientists of all ages put their experiments on display on Thursday evening during Andover’s annual PTA Science Fair. Every fifth and sixth grade student was involved in creating a project for the fair and we had many K-4 students participate as well. The AES PTA sponsored a Mad Science table which attracted many students who left with their own experiments to try at home. Special thanks to the PTA for a wonderfully educational evening!

3 girl with science project4 science plant project

On Thursday, April 4th Andover 1st and 2nd graders took a field trip to The Garde Arts Center in New London. They watched a musical performance of Henry and Mudge based on the popular book series by Cynthia Rylant. Students had a great time and really enjoyed the show!

On Thursday, the kindergarten students had a visit from Imagine Nation, a children’s museum in Bristol. They learned about the parts of a plant, and what various types of seeds look like. The students rotated between three centers: sorting various plants into seeds, stems, roots, and leaves, examining plants and seeds using magnifying glasses, and even planted their own grass. We will observe our grass and watch it grow over the coming weeks! The kindergarten students enjoyed their “roots to shoots” lesson

5 grade k project6 kids on rug7 kids at table

The Walking Club returns on Tuesday April 2, 2019 and will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays for the remainder of the school year.  We are always looking for parent volunteers to assist between 12 and 1:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please call Rosemary Crandall if you are interested.

What's Happening in Art?

 Marlborough Arts Center Student Show: Thank you to all of the staff and parents who came out to view and support our AES artists!

8 art class baseball painting9 kids art10 art and girl

In pre-school, students talked about Claude Monet’s snowy painting, The Magpie and created their own winter house pictures using cut paper shapes, white paint, and glitter. We also read two books about flying kites for the windy month of March. Then, we created our own diamond shaped kites using primary colored tissue paper, construction paper, and yarn. Pre-school students are currently working on egg designs based on Ukranian folk art using crayons, watercolor, lines, and shapes.

11 art painting12 art kites

Kindergarten students discussed Andrew Wyeth’s painting, Christina’s World and learned about horizon line, foreground, middleground, and background in a work of art. Students drew pictures of their own houses and yards and then learned how to use varying brush sizes and shapes to paint their final pictures. Currently, students are working on watercolor portraits of themselves with someone special to them based on the portraits of the artist Mary Cassatt.

13 art photo14 kids in art class

In first grade, students created Matisse inspired cut paper collages of a favorite memory. Then, students discussed the moveable sculptures of Alexandar Calder called mobiles. Students were able to create their own mobiles out of wire and cut paper shapes to represent the theme of spring. Students are currently learning about cave art and making their own cave inspired pieces.

15 1st grade art16 1st grade art

Second graders learned about balance and Japanese Sumi-e ink painting. Then, students created a series of black paintings called The Four Gentlemen. The Four Gentlemen are images of Bamboo, chrysanthemum, plum blossom, and wild orchid which each represent one of the four seasons. Students then choose one or more of these to include in a larger painting that we turned into a hanging scroll using black paper and yarn.

17 2nd grade art18 2nd grade art

In third grade, students finished their class totem poles which included an animal and colors that represented or symbolized each student’s unique personality traits using markers, paper, and paper towel tubes. Students have currently been exploring coloring mixing and how to create tints and shades in their works of art.

19 3rd graders in art20 3rd grade art21 3rd grade art

Fourth graders finished their Mexican metal art designs using aluminum metal, wooden stylus tools, permanent markers, wire, and beads. Currently, students are working on posters for Earth day with a focus on positive and negative space based on Ruben’s Vase and the works of M.C. Escher.

22 4th grade art23 4th grade art

Fifth graders finished their paper mache creatures based on Mexican Alebrijes and Oaxacan sculptures. Students made an armature for their sculpture using newspaper, cardboard, tinfoil, and paper towel tubes. The armatures were then covered with newspaper strips and paper mache before being painted. Fifth graders are currently working on shoe designs based on the designer Kobe Levi. Students have partnered up to take on the roles of being both a designer and a client to create shoes using mixed media.

24 5th grade art class25 5th grade paper mache

Sixth graders have discussed the work of Renaissance artist Leonard da Vinci and learned about the element of value. Students created their own value scales before drawing a still-life of three forms using line and value. Students are currently working on a group still-life with a variety of objects, a light source, line, value, and colored pencils.

26 6th grade art27 6th grade art class

2019 AES Talent Show Program Contest

Attention all 5th and 6th graders. We are inviting all 5th and 6th graders who are interested, to submit a program cover design for the talent show. Please have the design include the following:
Date and time of the show: Thursday, May 2nd, 2019, 7:00 p.m.
Title: Andover Elementary School Annual PTA Talent Show

If you are interested in submitting your idea for the program cover please contact Paula King at or 860-209-1279. Your design may be hand drawn or designed on a computer. Please submit your entry by emailing it. If it is a hand drawn entry please scan it, and email it. All submissions must be received by Wednesday, April 24th. After the submissions are received, the top three will be picked and the school will vote on which one they like best. The winner will have their design printed on this year’s program cover.

Andover Summer Camp

Andover Recreation Commission is sponsoring this Pilot Program in Andover. The Recreation Commission, , ALPOA (Andover Lake Property Owners Association), Andover
Library, and Andover Senior Transportation are working together to put on a Summer Camp utilizing some of Andover’s own Resources. The camp will include a variety of activities for all ages, including; gardening, hiking, arts and crafts, building, sports, nature study, games, waterplay, wood working, science exploration and more. Children going into First Grade and up will visit Andover Lake daily, and receive swim lessons for 4 weeks of the program. There will
be visits to and from the Andover Library. The children will play on the playground and use the gymnasium at AES and explore the Trails and Woodlands behind the Town Hall and School.
This Pilot Program will run from the first full week of summer vacation until August 2nd.
Registration begins March 1st. There will be a limited number of openings each week so register early.

After-School Clubs:

This Monday marks the end of our first session. The second session will begin on Monday April 22. All students will be notified about their second session club enrollment this week. If you have any questions, please call the office.

Silver Sneaker Award Winners

This week our Silver Sneaker Award winners are Amelia in Mrs. Hebert’s class and Lydia in Mrs. Adanti’s class..

Amelia has a special way of showing perseverance. Through her quiet modest ways, Amelia puts her heart and soul into everything she does. She values her education and strives to always do her best. Amelia can always be seen staying on task, paying attention to her teachers and quietly assisting her friends. She is a true role model and has the potential to do amazing things. It is with great pleasure to recommend Amelia for the Silver Sneaker award. She truly strives to be the best she can be. We are proud of you Amelia! Great job, keep it up and you will go far!
Lydia never quits on an assignment and always works her hardest. If she doesn't understand a concept, she will ask questions, and continue to do research until she is satisfied that she truly understands. She always tries her hardest and puts forth her best effort. Lydia is a role model for all, especially when it comes to how to persevere and never give up. Great job, Lydia!

28 silver sneaker winners29 perserverence 130 perserverence 2


Speech and Language Tidbits:

Scroll on down to "March 30, 2019" entry on Mrs. Keedy's web page at AES website:  for information and a valuable resource for learning common SIGN LANGUAGE words, to help facilitate speech and language development in young children, even if they don't have hearing impairment ( great for both "early" and "late talkers" ! ).

A new parent support group is starting at AHM Youth & Family Services for parents who have a child who has ADHD or ODD or any parent who has concerns that their child may have issues with inattention and/or impulsivity. This group is facilitated by the Clinical Director of AHM, Megan Aldridge. It is free of charge and meets twice per month on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7:30, starting on March 27. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

be internet awesome logo

Join us for a Be Internet Awesome family workshop!
You’ll learn about how to be safe and smart online.
Tuesday, May 7, 2019
Andover Elementary School
6:30-8:00 pm

***Help Wanted***

The library media center is looking for parent volunteers to come in on Mondays to help put books away. If you are available to help please email me at 

Spring has sprung and so has the Walking Club!  Walking club starts up again next week.  Please email Rosemary Crandall at if you are willing to help out.

From the Student Council:

In student council we have been working on many things, including a plastic bag drive. The plastic bag drive will end April 12th. All you need to do is bring in your plastic bags and put them in the green box, in the main office. You may be wondering why we want plastic bags. Well, one of our members saw this video where plastic bags were used to make mats for homeless people by cutting them up and crocheting them into a 3’ by 6’ mat, and we decided that we could have the senior citizens who know how to crochet, help crochet and we cut up all the plastic bags. Please help us reach our goal. Every bag counts!

From the Early Learning Center:

The next Bagels with Briody and PreK classroom visits will take place on Friday April 5 at 8:30 AM. Pre K registration is underway for the 2019-20 school year. Andover children who will turn 3 years old before December 31, 2019 are eligible. Tell your neighbors! 

From the AES PTA:

This year the PTA is joining with the Hartford Yard Goats for a spring fundraiser. Andover’s game is designated for Friday April 26. Look for the flyer this week to learn how you can purchase tickets!

Thanks to Paula King and Mr. Piros for their work on the talent show and a big congratulations to all our talented students who auditioned for our annual talent show. Based on the auditions, this will be show you don’t want to miss! The show will be held Thursday 5/2.

Eco-Friendly Tip of the Week:

Shopping Bags: While shopping, if you only buy a few products skip the shopping bag. For larger purchases, bring your own eco-friendly bags. Learn about pollution caused by plastics.

Reminders from the Office...

Spring has sprung and so has the Walking Club! Walking club starts up again next week. Please email Rosemary Crandall at if you are willing to help out.

Our next AES Spirit Day is Friday April 12th. It’s 70’s Day!!!

April Vacation will take place from April 13th through April 21. School will resume on April 22.

Parents, please contact the office directly, either by calling or email, if your child will be absent from school. Thank you.

See you on Monday!