Sunday Scoop 06-09-19

field day fun

6th Grade Champs!

2019 Field Day at AES! The weather was perfect and bright (like the pink “2019” shirts the 6th graders wore), and the day was so much fun during the annual Field Day this past Friday!

The day started with ten 6th graders coming in bright and early (good practice for Middle School next year) to help kick off the day with the set-up of the events. Students were here right at 7:00 am (thank you to all the parents for getting them here to help), and I could tell early on that this group was ready to get started. They came in full of energy and ready to work! They also reminded me that it was, “National Donut Day” so munchkins (and coffee for the adults) were a must as we kicked off our amazing day!
We had less than an hour and a half to get everything ready before the students arrived at school and students had to be in their rooms to get organized for the day. The students joined Mrs. Dagon, Mr. Piros, Mr. Miller, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. Moynihan to get signs out, mark start and finish lines with paint, get out buckets, and buckets, and even MORE buckets of water, set up the obstacle course, and make sure that we had everything we needed for the day. The students worked hard and were so efficient that we were able to check, and double check to make sure we were organizing one of the best field days we’ve ever had, and I think the students did a great job doing that. As the morning wore on, the temperature slowly began to rise and we continued adding more water to the stations to keep the students cool to start the day. Students used the hoses to blow up hundreds and hundreds of water balloons so we knew it was going to be a very fun, and wet, field day. Relay races, duck, duck, SPLASH, yoga, 6th graders getting sponges thrown at them while they stuck their faces through our Fireball Toss board were just some of the fun events taking place.
I want to take a minute and just make sure that everyone is recognized for the success of this day as it really takes everyone’s effort to pull this day off and make it so fun, safe, and memorable: To the entire 6th grade class that helped with the clean-up after the event, that was such a huge help, so thank you! Equipment needed to be wiped down and put away and many times this part can be overlooked because the “fun” is over but the 6th grade class and teachers all stayed and made sure that everything was put away before heading to change and then to our cookout. I want to recognize them for that! I also want to make sure that I again thank all of the teachers that came in and helped with the set-up and Mrs. Frazier for taking hundreds of pictures and videos for our assembly this Tuesday! A special thank you goes out to Mrs. Loteczka and Ms. Webber who led, taught and participated in 2 and a half hours of continuous yoga with the kids and to all of the teachers and staff who helped out at stations. You were all GREAT and I know our students really like seeing you out there and being involved so it’s very much appreciated! Another special thank you goes out to Mrs. Crandall and to Mrs. Merry who went above and beyond (not a surprise) to make sure that the lunch and volunteers were taken care of. This day wouldn’t be possible without EVERYONE helping out, SO THANK YOU!!

Another thank you goes out to Mr Briody, Mike Russo, Brian Johnson, Anthony Muro and Amy Knox for organizing and cooking for the amazing school wide cook-out that we have each year! Also, a thank you to Mr. Campbell who does so much “behind the scenes” work to make this day go smoothly for the students. Thank you to all of you! I also wanted to take a minute and say thank from the bottom of my heart to Mrs. Dagon who as many of you know is retiring in a few days from her many, MANY years in education. She has helped me over the years with Field Day and many other events. Her dedication, commitment, and love will be greatly missed, both on Field dDy morning, and everyday without her at AES!
The day ended with the staff vs. 6th grade kickball game which has become such a huge part of the tradition of both field day and the end of the school year. The staff and students look forward to this, and this year we knew we were in trouble because we noticed for months, not weeks, 6th grade students were practicing and playing everyday at recess! It was a great day had by all! I cannot remember who won the kickball game, but I know it was fun and that is what REALLY what matters most, RIGHT? NOT THE FINAL SCORE! ;-)

Final Score: Sixth Grade 8 : Teachers 6

Sixth graders in gym for field day

Colonial Life Experience Day (CLE)

two girls on field trip

On Tuesday, June 4th, fifth graders traveled back to colonial times. The day began with a busy classroom filled with the chopping, peeling and slicing of ingredients. These ingredients were used to make a colonial meal cooked in dutch ovens over the open fires on the kickball field. While their meals were cooking, they rotated through several stations. Students made biscuits from scratch, used techniques of Revolutionary spies to decode secret messages, and even marched like soldiers under the guidance of Joyce Knowlton from Nathan Hale Homestead. Students enjoyed playing colonial games and trying their skills using stilts. Lunch was served at 12:30 on the “town common” where fifth graders ate together and feasted on their homemade pies that they prepared themselves. It was a wonderful day made possible by many amazing parent volunteers!

cookingprepping ingredientsLearning cooking skills outsidepies outsidedecoding messagesplaying outsideskills outside

Project O:

On Tuesday, the sixth graders traveled to UCONN’s Avery Point campus to participate in Project Oceanography. The weather was perfect and the students were able to expand their knowledge of the Long Island Sound marine ecosystem. They began their experience in two classroom labs working as marine biologists. In one room, they worked to identify various marine creatures. They became friendly with a horseshoe crab, little skate, lobster, flounder, whelks, and spider crabs. In the other other classroom, students were challenged to find Davey Jones’ locker by using their knowledge of density. All groups were successful in getting their three tubes to float, sink and become suspended in the middle layers of water temperatures.
After lunch, everyone put on life jackets and boarded the boat for a trip to the mouth of the river for data collections. The students continued the work of Project O scientists and recorded measurements, temperatures and clarity of the water. The net drag and collection brought up several fish, lots of squid and some seaweed with snail eggs attached. After examining all the marine life and data, the students concluded that the environment was worthy of a good grade for sustainability.

project O instructionsproject students on boatgirl holding fish

The Silver Sneaker Award

This week our final Silver Sneaker Award Winners will be given to two 6th grade students

Mr. Miller and Mr. Moynihan believe both Riley and Belle are very deserving of this award. They consistently show that they are very responsible. For example, when either of them need to get something done, they make sure it is to the best of their abilities. Also, they are both very respectful. To elaborate, they treat everybody with respect-no matter what the situation is. In addition to that, they consistently makes sure to be safe. For example, if there was a spilling of water on the floor, they would make sure to take care it (they wouldn't just ignore it like some others may.). Again, you can see why both Riley and Belle are very deserving of this award.

silver sneaker winnersteamwork

Speech and Language Tidbits: Scroll on down to May 2019" to see Mrs. Keedy's page on AES website, for her recent recommendation for health education/learning, for info related to hearing,vision, the brain, developmental ages and stages, mental health, medications, etc.:

RHAM Evening of the Arts

art night
We had a great night of art, music, and food at the RHAM Evening of the Arts at RHAM High School. Congratulations to Rian for receiving the art award for AES! Thank you to all of the families and staff who came out to see our future RHAM artists.

Reminders from the Office...

Our Year-End Assembly will take place on Tuesday June 11th at 2:00 PM. Families are welcome to attend.

The last day of school is Wednesday June 12th. We will dismiss at 1:00 PM.

The 6th grade Step-Up Ceremony will take place at 10:30 AM on June 12th.

Parents, please contact the office directly, either by calling or email, if your child will be absent from school. Thank you.

See you Monday!


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