Sunday Scoop 11/10/19

 1 veterans at school

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Andover Elementary School Students and Staff celebrated our Veterans on Friday in advance of Monday's Federal Holiday. Our students made cards, recited poems, sang songs and shared essays with our special guests. Mr. John Gasper, U.S. Army and retired AES teacher, spoke of patriotism and teamwork. Each Veteran received a bundle of cards, a flower and a booklet of student essays. We are extremely grateful for their service to our country. Be sure to visit our website for more pictures at

2 Mr. Gasper speakingstudents playing instrumentsteacher speaking at event

Fall parent/teacher conferences took place on Thursday and Friday afternoon at AES. Our teachers had the opportunity to share information about student progress in academics, work habits and social emotional development. Student progress reports (also known as report cards) will be sent home on Friday December 13th. If you were unable to meet with your child’s teacher or if you have any questions about their progress, I encourage you to call or email your child’s teacher. Special thanks to all of our teachers for their conference preparation and professional presentations.

What’s Happening in Spanish Class?

¿Qué pasa en la clase de español?

In 2nd and 3rd grade, students are learning how to describe their pets or maybe even their grandparent’s pets. We learned how to say dog (el perro), cat (el gato), bunny (el conejo), hamster (el hámster), fish (el pez), bird (el pájaro) and turtle (la tortuga). We added sizes and we already knew colors. Here’s the result!

spanish drawing catYo tengo un gato. Mi gato es anaranjado y café. Mi gato es mediano.

spanish drawing dog Yo tengo un perro. Mi perro es café y negro. Mi perro es mediano.

NEXT, we will be talking about our families. Of course, the pets will be included!

In 4th grade, students are learning about a type of art from Perú known as an arpillera.
The arpillera is made from fabric, has many layers, is 3D, is colorful and it depicts daily life.
Here’s one that we looked at in class. As you can see, there is a lot of vocabulary embedded
in this piece of art. We use a couple of phrases to describe what we see:
En la arpillera, hay or La arpillera tiene montañas, el sol, flores, animales, personas, frutas, casas, el cielo azul, instrumentos músicales, etc.

spanish art by student

NEXT, now that we know that vocabulary, we are going to learn to describe what the people are doing. We will learn how to say they are working in the field, dancing, playing soccer, playing musical instruments, walking with animals, etc....

We’ll be working in groups to make our own version to describe. Here’s one from each class that we started together.

8 student drawingstudent drawing with llamastudents holding drawing

In 5th grade, we have focused on Puerto Rico. We have read a book that gives us lots of facts about the island. We learned about: la bandera, el coquí, la amapola, instrumentos músicales, el baile “la bomba” and more. We learned how to put these new words into sentences.

Puerto Rico flag La bandera es roja, blance y azul. La bandera tiene una estrella blanca, un triángulo azul y 5 rayas.

tree frog Aquí está el conquí. El conquí es el animal nacional de Puerto Rico.

In 6th grade, students are learning about Costa Rica: where it is in the world, where it is in Central America how and how to describe its flag. We then went on to the levels of the rainforest, its natural beauty, and several of the animals that live in each layer. We will go on to talk about how some children are working to help save the rainforest.

central america

Costa Rica está en América Central.
Está al sur de Nicaragua y al norte de Panamá.
La bandera de Costa Rica es roja, blanca y azul y tiene un escudo (símbolo). We also notice, while describing the flag, that color words change endings depending on what we are describing.

costa rica flag

We could see that although several traditions of the holiday resemble our Halloween, many aspects, including preparing food, getting together with family and friends, cleaning the house and celebrating or showing gratitude for loved ones, resembles our Thanksgiving.


Silver Sneaker Award(s)

The two students that received the award for November 1 are Rebekah in Mrs. Hopkins's class and Davis in Mrs. Delmastro’s class.

Rebekah is receiving the award this week because she takes pride in her work and always tries to follow directions and complete her assignments. Rebekah’s work is neat and organized which shows how much she cares about doing a great job! In the classroom, Rebekah is always willing to help her peers as well as her teacher.

Davis has been an active, caring citizen in his classroom community since the first day of school. We can always count on him to be an active participant in all classroom discussions and activities. He is also a kind and caring friend to ALL his classmates. He makes sure that everyone is involved and included. He is supportive and encouraging to all his friends. Best of all,he always has a great attitude and knows how to have fun! His smile lights up the room and puts everyone in a good mood. We are all grateful to have Davis as a part of our classroom community!

Congratulations to both Rebekah and Davis on receiving this award!

silver sneaker winnersgratitude

The two students receiving the Silver Sneaker for November 8 are both in Mrs. Paquette’s 2nd grade. They are both receiving the award for not only showing gratitude towards others, but also for continuing to show respectful, responsible, and safe behavior and for being caring with everyone they work with.
Margaux and Jayden are receiving the awards this week. Both students are well behaved, respectful, honest and helpful. Both Margaux and Jayden help others without being asked, and actually pick up without being told. They try hard to figure things out for themselves without immediately saying, "I don't get it.” They are both great children as well as students who always show good effort and work hard to follow school rules! Margaux and Jayden are excellent role models.
Congratulations to both Margaux and Jayden on receiving the award this week!

silver sneaker winners nov 8gratitude

From the AES Student Council:

Dear Parents, Guardians, and Caregivers:

We are excited to share with you that our school community will be celebrating Unity Day on November 22 this year. Unity Day is an annual event that promotes joining together to create healthier communities through kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. It was started by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center in 2011 and is now celebrated around the world.

We will be having a march around the school at 2:00. This walk will end in the gym for a special Unity Day Assembly. We encourage you to come enjoy this special event with your children.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to talk to your children about bullying prevention and all the positive things we can do to make healthier communities. For more information on the history of Unity Day and its impact, please go to

Sixth grade Student Council
Andover Elementary School

Reminders from the Office...

Unity Day is Friday November 22, 2019. Stay tuned for more information.

Intergenerational Day will take place on Wednesday November 27th. Mark your calendars!

November lunch menus are posted on the website. If you would like a paper copy, please contact the office by calling 860-742-7339 or sending an email to

Stuff a Bus will take place on December 18th. Stay tuned for the Stuff the Cruiser date!

Free tickets are still available for families to visit the Connecticut Science Center or Lutz Museum. There is a limited quantity and they will be distributed on a first come first served basis. If you are interested, please send an email to Rosemary crandall at or give her a call at 860-742-7339 and let her know how many tickets you would like for your family. Enjoy!

We look forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday!