Sunday Scoop 11/24/19

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Unity Day 2019!
Andover Elementary’s Student Council planned a special Unity Day event that took place for the first time at AES on Friday. Unity Day is an annual event that promotes joining together to create healthier communities through kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. It was started by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center in 2011 and is now celebrated around the world. Our Unity Day event included a march complete with posters and chants, student-led skits, videos, music, a flash mob, unity chain and a unity pledge. Special thanks to our Student Council for their idea to bring this meaningful event to Andover, their planning and their execution.

We hope you’ll take this opportunity to talk to your children about bullying prevention and all the positive things we can do to make healthier communities. For more information on the history of Unity Day and its impact, please go to: 

unity day assemblysmiling students at unity daystudent unity day sign

Andover’s Lego First Robotics Team traveled to Tolland on Saturday to compete in the annual regional event that features robot matches, a core values task and group presentation. We are incredibly proud of our ALF team and their coaches: Jaime Webber, Kirstina Frazier and Scott Chalfant!

Lego LeagueLego League Competition

What’s Happening in the Library Media Center?

Preschool students have been learning about the 5 senses in their classrooms. To extend their learning in the library, students listened to the book I Hear a Pickle by Rachel Isadora. While reading together, we discussed all the different things you can taste, hear, smell, touch, and see. To practice their cutting and pasting skills, they did a 5 senses sort.

Kindergarten and 1st grade students have been enjoying books about gratitude since that is this month’s character trait. We have read the books All the World by Elizabeth Scanlon to demonstrate how the world offers us so much to be happy and thankful for andThe Perfect Thanksgiving by Eileen Spinelli in honor of Thanksgiving. This books shows how two very different families can have two different experiences celebrating the holiday, but at the end of the day they are both equally grateful for their family even if it’s not perfect.

To help students build their appreciation to literacy, we spend a lot of time discussing various book awards such as the Newbery, Caldecott, and Nutmeg Awards. Some talented authors have numerous awards and are recognized as outstanding authors. One of these accomplished authors is Roald Dahl, so to explore his writing, we have been readingThe Witches in library.

In a world of information, it is important for students to understand where to find it and make sure it’s accurate. Throughout the school year, third and fourth graders will be learning the skills they need to be 21st century learners. Part of that journey is learning about the variety of sources you can find information, as well as knowing which of them is the most reliable.

The Connecticut Kid Governor wrapped up this week. Our 5th graders have been learning how our state level government works. They also learned about 7 candidates who ran for Kid Governor and their platforms for change. Two weeks ago the class voted and a majority of the class elected Myra as the winner. This week the winner was announced, and our 5th graders and most of the state agreed that Myra should be the next Kid Governor. Her platform was treating animals with kindness and eliminating animal abuse.

As 6th graders wrap up their time in DARE, they are responsible for writing an essay about what they learned, how the DARE Decision Making Model has helped them, and how they will use their new learned skills in the future.

What’s Happening in Music?

In the music classroom, we have been learning how to read music. Reading notes from a music score is the most important element of music as it can be applied to playing instruments, singing in chorus, or composing a song.

PreK through Grade 2 students learned that there are 5 lines used for music, and notes can be located on the lines or spaces. We had activities using the carpet spot markers, so that the students were able to put them on the lines or spaces on the musical rug. For Grade 3-6, they studied a Treble clef, which is also called as a G clef. Now we all know that the second line from the bottom of the staff, which is the name of the 5 lines, is middle G.

music class

The musician of the Month for November was a Polish composer who lived during the Romantic era, Frederic Chopin [show-pan]. All AES students listened to his Piano Nocturne in E flat major No.2, Op.9.

While listening to the music, PreK - K students had pretend play on the rug piano. As a listening review, upper grade students reviewed three composers; Antonio Vivaldi from Baroque period, Joseph Haydn from Classical period and Frederic Chopin from the Romantic period. Students have compared their works, historical era, characteristics and new musical terms.

We will revisit the music theory part repeatedly until students are able to read the notes right away.

Grade K music classmusic class game

New Student Art Galleries

This year in art we are starting online student art galleries using the website Artsonia for grades K-6. Artsonia is the world’s largest student online art museum. Throughout the year, photos will be taken of various art projects and uploaded to your child’s art gallery. You will get a notification every time work is published. Parents and family members can view the art online, leave comments, and order keepsakes featuring the art such as t-shirts, magnets and mugs through Artsonia’s gift shop. The school will receive a portion of the proceeds from any keepsakes ordered. In addition to this online art gallery, we will be hosting a school-wide Art Show in the spring at AES.

Permission slips for you to access your child’s Artsonia gallery using a screen name and a parent code were sent home with students on 11-21-19. We hope that you will join and enjoy viewing your child’s art. Please note this is our pilot year using this site and not all student work will be published. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Waine at

Principal lunch with students

Students enjoying lunch with the Principal on Wednesday for Gratitude Month!

Silver Sneaker Award

The two students receiving the award for this week are Logan in Mrs. Bush’s class and Daisy in Mrs. Bech’s class.

Logan is receiving the award this week because he is a student who cares about all the students in class. He is grateful for the other students by recommending them to clip up when they are being kind to others. He is a role model for the class and loves to help his classmates. Great job Logan!

Daisy is receiving the award this week for being respectful, responsible, and safe at school. She comes to school prepared and always participates in lessons. Daisy is also always willing to help a classmate or a teacher. She also shows gratitude by saying, " Thank you Mrs. Bech for teaching me today." Daisy also will often thank her classmates who do something nice for her or for the general running of the classroom. Way to go Daisy!!!

There will be no Silver Sneaker Award next week due to the Thanksgiving break, so our next award will be given on December 6th.

From last week

silver sneaker winnerGratitude

To all 6th grade Parents/Guardians:

Please join us for an information session for the RHAM Middle School STEM and Inquiry Academy Program on December 9th at 6:30 pm (Snow date: TBD) in the RHAM Middle School Library Media Center. All interested 6th-grade parents/guardians and their children are invited.
We hope to see you there.
Dr. Seroussi

Reminders from the Office...

Yankee Candle Pick-Ups are Monday from 3-4 and Tuesday from 5:30 until 7:00 PM on the stage.

Intergenerational Day will take place on Wednesday November 27th. Mark your calendars!

DARE Graduation for all 6th graders and their families will be Thursday December 5 at 7:00 PM.

Stuff a Bus will take place on December 18th. Stay tuned for the Stuff the Cruiser date!

The upcoming holidays can sometimes be financially stressful for families. If you and your family need extra support for the holidays in food and gift assistance, please reach out to Andover's Social Services Department by contacting Roberta Dougherty at 860-742-7305 x5 or by email at or Cheri Rivard-Lentz at AES or email at

We look forward to seeing everyone on Monday!