Sunday Scoop 12/22/19


Happy Holidays!

Andover’s students, staff and family members sang their way into the Holiday Break with a very festive sing-along on Friday afternoon. Each grade level had the opportunity to lead one of the songs and everyone got into the spirit! We hope that you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your school vacation.

groupassemblykids singingstudents at end of year celebration

DARE Graduation

Our 6th graders completed their DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) coursework in November and were recognized for their accomplishments during a DARE Graduation Ceremony on December 9th. Students read essays and presented posters that highlighted their learning. Andover’s Resident Trooper, Darrell Tetreault, taught the course and planned the graduation. Special thanks to Trooper Tetreault, Ms. Adanti, Ms. Webber and all of our students for their efforts in helping to make this program a success!

dare speakersdare assemblydare assembly group

What’s Happening in Tech Time

Around Thanksgiving, students in grades 3rd-6th worked on the ability to copy & paste objects as they created festive images in a Google Slide. Besides practicing two different methods to copy & paste an object, the students had to refine their mouse control skills to place the blocks in the correct positions to form pixel pictures.

tech block designanother tech block designanother tech block design

6th graders were challenged with an “Ugly Sweater” glyph. Using various decorating objects, the students had to manipulate them to fit the sweater. Check out these two “ugly” creations. :)

ugly sweater drawingZoe ugly sweater designDerek

3rd and 4th graders have been tackling magic in the computer lab! They were solving multiplication problems that would reveal parts to a pixelated picture if the answer was correct. Students were very engaged in solving the problems as they wanted to be the first to reveal the pictures. Here are two of the final pictures that were revealed:

math problem solve photopixel puzzle answerstudent on computerstudents in computer lab

2nd graders used their skills with the Seesaw app before Thanksgiving to record a video with a partner stating what they are thankful for and then creating a combined picture to depict those ideas. Recently, the second graders refined their keyboarding skills by learning how to operate several games that required them to use the arrow keys on the keyboard as well as answer math problems correctly.

computer drawingcoding micekindergardeners with coding mice

Kindergarteners were introduced to coding with our coding mice. After learning the rules of how to use the mice and how to properly piece together their tracks, the students were challenged to create a simple track and code the mouse to go from one end to the other end. Students are learning to persevere and how to accept that the mouse only does what it is programmed to do.

First graders, who have experience with the coding mice, were challenged with the task of creating a track with five pieces, programming the mouse, and then recording it with an iPad using the Seesaw app. These videos will then be shown to the kindergarteners and used as a way to inspire and challenge them to code.

1st graders with coding micecoding mice for 1st graders

PreK students have been enjoying time with Dash the robot. They have learned about his xylophone and worked to identify the songs he played for them such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Jingle Bells”. Working in stations, the students have been able to take turns using an iPad to drive Dash around the room. This week. the students learned how Dash also can be controlled using a puzzlet which uses tokens with images on them to perform certain commands. The students had to predict what Dash would do based on the picture of the tokens as they took turns placing them in the puzzlet.

dash robotstudent with elastic artstudent with boat artgeo boards and full class

1st Graders are finishing up their Geoboard challenges which will put them ready to begin their string art project when we return from our holiday break. The students are looking forward to being able to use real hammers and nails as they work with wood to create a piece of art.

3rd grade chainholiday paper chain

3rd graders were challenged to create the longest holiday colored paper chain. Working with the constraint of time and materials, they had to work together as a team. With only 1 piece of construction paper and limited amount of tape, the students spent time making a plan on their own and then as a group. Since they had only 18 minutes to construct the chain, the teams had to delegate tasks and work cooperatively. Elena, Matthew and Kylie were the winning team who created a paper chain 11 feet long!

Student Art Online and Available as Gifts!

This year in art we are starting online student art galleries using the website Artsonia for grades K-6. Artsonia is the world’s largest student online art museum. Throughout the year, photos will be taken of various art projects and uploaded to your child’s art gallery. You will get a notification every time work is published. Parents and family members can view the art online, leave comments, and order keepsakes featuring the art such as t-shirts, magnets and mugs through Artsonia’s gift shop. The school will receive a portion of the proceeds from any keepsakes ordered. In addition to this online art gallery, we will be hosting a school-wide Art Show in the spring at AES.

Permission slips for you to access your child’s Artsonia gallery using a screen name and a parent code were sent home with students on 11-21-19. If you have misplaced your login credentials, simply call the office and we will be able to assist. We hope that you will join and enjoy viewing your child’s art. Please note this is our pilot year using this site and not all student work will be published. If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Waine at 

Students in grades K-6 enjoyed lunch with Mr. Briody on Wednesday in recognition of Generosity Month!

students eating lunch with principal

Reminders from the Office...

The holiday season can sometimes be financially stressful for families. If you and your family need extra support for the holidays in food and gift assistance, please reach out to Andover's Social Services Department by contacting Roberta Dougherty at 860-742-7305 x5 or by email at or Cheri Rivard-Lentz at AES or email at

Our Winter Concert will take place on the evening of January 29, 2020 at 7:00 PM. 

We look forward to seeing everyone on January 2,2020.