Sunday Scoop 01/26/20

rainforest presentation

Rumpus in the Rainforest!

Friday ended with a very special whole school assembly. Mrs. DelMastro and Mrs. Adanti’s classes performed “A Rumpus in the Rainforest”. This was a musical that the two classes had been working on for months during their Learning Buddy time. Students had to learn their lines and songs. The musical was all about a frog who wanted to see the sky. The musical revolves around the Amazon Rainforest which Mrs. Adanti’s class learned about in Social Studies earlier in the school year when learning about the five themes of geography. The play also ties into Mrs. DelMastro’s curriculum as her students will be doing studies of animals. The students worked very hard, and it was clear from their wonderful production. Both teachers were very proud of all their students accomplished. This is Mrs. DelMastro’s and Mrs. Adanti’s fourteenth year putting on a school-wide production. They love seeing the students grow from this experience and take with them as they continue to give presentations, speeches, etc. What a great way to finish the week!

rainforest speechkids presenting on rainforeststudents on stage rainforest presentation

This week, students in grades 3-6 will be participating in National Geographic’s Geography Bee. Students at each grade level will respond to multiple choice and true/false questions about U.S. and world geography over several rounds as they compete to represent their grade level in the school-wide Geo Bee on February 4th at 9:00 AM. Good luck to all of our students!

On Friday January 31, AES will be recognizing and celebrating three of our monthly character themes during a school-wide assembly at 2:00 PM in the gymnasium. Over the last three months, our students have been learning about Gratitude, Generosity and Empathy. The assembly will feature poems, videos and a story prepared by and presented by our students. Families are welcome to attend Friday’s Character Assembly. Simply sign in at the office upon your arrival.

What's happening in PE ...?

There is a lot happening in the AES gymnasium. First and foremost, we have a student teacher that started with us on January 21st. His name is Doug Carley and he is coming to us from Eastern Connecticut State University where he is studying Physical Education and Health. He is very excited to be here with us at AES and hopes to learn from all of the students and teach them new things as well. As part of his responsibilities, he will have to videotape a few lessons and classes and will need to be observed from his teaching supervisor. When he decides which class he is going to videotape, a permission slip will be sent home so that you are aware and so that you can give permission for your child to be included. Mr. Carley will be with us until March 20th and he will be working with us both in the gym and in the Health room. If you have any questions or need to contact him, his email here at school is:

Please make him feel welcome if you are in the building by saying hello.

Doug Carley

Students in PE class have done a lot over the past few weeks. The older students completed their fitness testing and their score sheets and certificates were sent home this past week. The students all did an amazing job and I am proud of their effort, attitude, perseverance and determination to work hard and not give up. The students were tested on the PACER run, push-ups, curl-ups and the sit and reach test. All information regarding how the tests are practiced and administered are available on the AES PE page and by using this link:

Once the students finished their testing, we moved into play a variety of cooperative games including a game called “Survivor” and another game called, “Sharks” for our older students and in the younger grades we have used the parachute to enforce and enhance their teamwork, communication, and sharing skills . We played games such as “Cat and Mouse”, “Sharks and Lifeguards”, we made waves, we ran underneath, and we also hid underneath and jumped out and surprised their teachers.

kids under parachute gym classkids in gym classparachute gym class

Any parents remember doing this as a student? So fun and hard to believe that our teachers STILL have no idea where we are when are “hiding.”
Maybe one day they’ll figure us out but not this year they didn’t!

smiling kidskids playing with parachutewaving parachutefun in gym classgym timekids in gym class

Cooperative games during physical education can have a lot of benefits for students. These games not only provide exercise, but emphasize teamwork, build relationships, strengthen the classroom community, increase confidence, teach students about rules, strategy, development, and more. As the year goes on we will be getting into activities that will further demonstrate cooperation and teamwork skills, but we also move into activities that promote friendly competition and some net games such as Badminton, Volleyball, and Pickleball.

Students below play a variety of games (Survivor and Sharks) in our older grades that they need to use problem solving skills, communication, teamwork, sharing (equipment and ideas) and working together.

kids in gym classkids on gym matskids playing games in gymkids in gymscooter gameshoops and scootershoops and scootersmore scooter gamesgym class gamesusing a jump rope in a gamekid in gym classplaying aroundanother angle of gamegym class game time

Any questions, comments or concerns can always be sent to me via email or a phone call ( Feel free to stop down and say hello to me, too!

What's Happening in Music?

AES Students enjoyed playing instruments such as hand bells, marimbas and glockenspiels (metal xylophones).

Preschool through 1st grade students learned musical letters as C, D, E, F, G, A, B so that they were able to recognize the letters on the marimba keys and they could play them. The students also had fun playing hand bells by Mrs.Sim’s directing.

learning music noteslearning marimba

2nd and 3rd grade students learned the “Hot Cross Buns” song with the lyrics first and then learned the letters of the song as E-D-C--, E- D-C--, C-C-C-C, D-D-D-D, E-D-C--. Then, they applied the letters into playing the marimbas and glockenspiels.

2nd graders learning hot cross bunskids learning hot cross buns

From 4th grade through 6th grade, the students learned the “Are You Sleeping” song with musical letter names, and had opportunities to play with marimbas and glockenspiels. They also had an extra few minutes of playing the instruments by themselves.

To emphasize music reading skills, we had “ Mystery Words” practices. Students from 4th grade to 6th grade picked a card from among a pile of cards, and then drew the notes of each word on the staff on the white board.

kids writing music notes on boardanother student writing music notes on boardmusical words

For rhythm learning, Pre K- 2 students used boomwhackers to tap the rhythms while learning and watching the “Beet, Beet, Cherr-y, Beet” video, which indicates “quarter, quarter, two eighths, quarter notes”.


The Silver Sneaker Award

This week our two students who are receiving the awards are both 1st graders. Vera in Mrs. Beloin’s class and Sawyer in Mrs. Delmastro’s class are this weeks recipients.

Mrs. Beloin and Mrs. Delmastro say that Sawyer and Vera are excellent role models both in and out of the classroom. Both girls are very kind and thoughtful. They are willing to help out whenever there is a need. Sawyer and Vera are also sensitive to others' feelings and emotions. They truly represent what it means it to be empathetic. We are proud of you Sawyer and Vera. Keep up the great work!!

silver sneaker winnersempathyglobal playday logo

Recent research has shown that children spend too much time in front of screens and do not engage in enough play and social interaction. On Wednesday, February 5th, AES will be putting academic learning aside and participating in Global School Play Day. The purpose of this event is to support children in their social-emotional learning. They will practice teamwork, cooperation, problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, responsibility, and so much more through their day of play. Be on the lookout for more information on January 30th when we roll it out to students at our character assembly and send home an informational flyer in the students’ Friday folders. In the meantime, you can visit for more information.

Internet aware logo

Join us for a Be Internet Awesome family workshop!
You’ll learn about how to be safe and smart online.
Tuesday, February 11th 2020
Andover Elementary School
6:00-7:30 pm
Save the Date!
More information coming soon.

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Also, as the end of the day can often be very hectic in the main office, please send in a note or email if you are going to change your child’s dismissal arrangements for the day. Last-minute phone calls often cause confusion at dismissal. We would like to avoid these calls if possible, except when unforeseen circumstances arise or in cases of emergency. Thank you for your understanding.

Friday, January 17 is Super Hero Day!

The Winter Concert is scheduled for Wednesday, January 29th at 7:00 PM.