Sunday Scoop 02/02/20

Chorus singing in winter concert

Music in the Air!
Music filled the air at AES on Wednesday as our 3rd through 6th graders sang and played musical instruments as part of our annual Winter Concert. The day started with a morning performance for the student body and staff and it ended with an evening performance for our families and friends. Music teacher, Sooran Sim, choreographed an orchestrated a special musical event for our community from recorders, to advanced band, to trumpets, saxes, soloists and trios, our students showed off their vast musical talents throughout. One of the evening’s highlights was when our third through sixth grade choruses joined together to perform, Why We Sing. Special thanks to Shannon Louden who accompanied our chorus. Additional pictures from the morning and evening events will be posted on our website.

chorus on risersband playing at concertinstruments during winter concert

During the week, we completed the grade-level rounds of the Geo Bee and are getting ready for Tuesday's school-wide Geo Bee at 9:00 in the Gym and on the stage. Grade 3-6 classes are invited to attend and parents are welcome too. Here are our grade level representatives:
Grade 3: Hunter
Grade 4: Sam, Jack and Michaela
Grade 5: Candice, Rosalee and Ava
Grade 6: Audrey, Nick and Cash
When you see these students, be sure to congratulate them on their impressive knowledge of geography! The winner of Tuesday's Bee will be competing for a chance to participate in the statewide Geo Bee.
Bonus Question: What is the capital of Madagascar and can you spell it?

“Fun Explorations in Hartford”

On Friday, January 17, the 4th and 1st Grades went to Hartford’s Connecticut Science Center for a day of exploration. The 4th Grade students investigated the effects of weathering/erosion in a lab entitled, “Streaming Away”. The 4th Grade students explored where water goes and how it travels on Earth on this hands-on investigation. They evaluated factors that create erosion and how erosion affects our planet’s landscape every day. The students made their own stream models to complete their investigations.
The 4th Grade students also took part in another hands-on lab entitled, “Choose Your Chompers”. In that lab, the students learned how animals have internal and external structures that promote their survival. The students had to design and engineer their own mouth structures to figure out which ways they’d best be able to survive based on what that mouth had to eat.
All of our students seemed to greatly enjoy the hands-on learning labs and the many other scientific activities and investigations in which they took part. It was a good, fun day of learning in Hartford.

The Silver Sneaker Award

The two students receiving the awards for this week are Reilly in Mrs. Hopkins’ class and Benny in Mrs. Bech’s class

Mrs. Hutton, our Spanish teacher and Mrs. Hopkins say that Reilly is a very respectful, hardworking student. Reilly shows empathy when she looks out for other students. When the class is choosing partners, she makes sure no one is left out. When someone needs help, she always makes time for others. We all love how Reilly is considerate of others feelings...many times before her own. She truly understands how to be empathetic to others. Great job Reilly! Keep up the great work!

Mrs. Bech says that Benny is very empathetic. He frequently helps his classmates and his teacher. Whenever Mrs. Bech needs an extra hand, Benny often offers without having to be told. For instance, he will hold the door for his classmates. In addition, Benny will do classroom jobs such as organizing the classroom library, setting up the lunch tickets for the next day of school, and emptying the pencil sharpener without being asked. During character education lessons, Benny often gives examples of how someone can show kindness to others and is able to apply the lessons being taught to his daily life such as showing gratitude, honesty, kindness, and empathy towards others. Keep up the excellent work Benny!!!!

silver sneaker winner


empathyglobal playday logo

Recent research has shown that children spend too much time in front of screens and do not engage in enough play and social interaction. On Wednesday, February 5th, AES will be putting academic learning aside and participating in Global School Play Day. The purpose of this event is to support children in their social-emotional learning. They will practice teamwork, cooperation, problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, responsibility, and so much more through their day of play. Be on the lookout for more information on January 30th when we roll it out to students at our character assembly and send home an informational flyer in the students’ Friday folders. In the meantime, you can visit for more information.

Internet aware logo

Join us for a Be Internet Awesome family workshop!
You’ll learn about how to be safe and smart online.
Tuesday, February 11th 2020
Andover Elementary School
6:00-7:30 pm
Save the Date!
More information coming soon.

Reminders from the Office

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 Pre-K Open House Feb 19, 2020 at 6:00 PM in the Library and classrooms. This Open House is for families of 3 and 4 year olds who are interested in learning more about Andover’s Early Learning Center.
Registration for 2020-21 Kindergarten and Pre-K is currently underway. Please contact the office for a registration packet at 860-742-7339 or

Please remember to notify the OFFICE directly by phone or email if your child/children are going to be absent from school.

Also, as the end of the day can often be very hectic in the main office, please send in a note or email if you are going to change your child’s dismissal arrangements for the day. Last-minute phone calls often cause confusion at dismissal. We would like to avoid these calls if possible, except when unforeseen circumstances arise or in cases of emergency. Thank you for your understanding.

With winter upon us, we are dealing with colder temperatures. The AES Early Learning Center has set limits for safe temperatures for the preschoolers to play outside during the winter. The classes will go outside if the temperatures are 20 degrees or above. This includes the wind chill temperature as well. Please be sure to send your children to school dressed appropriately for outside play in these temperatures. Students in grades K-6 will go outside as long as the temperature is 15 degrees or higher when factoring in for wind chill.