Sunday Scoop 2/21/21

Can you believe it? Friday marked the 100th day of the 2020-21 school year and we were teaching remotely due to inclement weather. Our staff and students found ways to celebrate the 100th day despite not being in the building. Mrs. Hopkins’ 5th grade students are modeling their 100th day glasses on their Zoom meeting Friday in the picture above. Mrs. Gilbert’s kindergarten students display their 100th day creations in the pictures below.

Child stacked one hundred cupsChild with his lego creationChild playing with toysChild wearing a hand made hat


""Hi there! My name is Ms. Stewich, and I am your child’s new music teacher! Most of my students call me Ms. S! I joined Andover Elementary School as the long-term music substitute this January, and am looking forward to working with your learners! I believe that all students deserve access to a culturally rich music education, and I strive to provide students with the opportunity to develop their own musical creativity and independence. Since the beginning of my teaching journey, I have been focused on creating positive and safe learning environments for my students. I am excited to be joining the AES community, and I am looking forward to the rest of the year! Here’s what we did in music class for the last half of the month:


""We have begun to explore music together! Lessons are fast-paced, moving between different games and songs. These songs and games aim to expose your learners to a couple of key musical areas: high vs. low, smooth vs. jumpy, fast vs. slow, and musical expression. Other games and songs allow students to explore the differences between different musical extremes. As we move forward, we will also begin working on beat keeping!


""This month we have been working on identifying music that sounds smooth (legato) vs. music that sounds jumpy (staccato)! The goal is for your learners to be able to identify between these two types of music, and to explore why a composer might choose to express an idea as jumpy or smooth. We have also been working on how we kinesthetically show and connect to how music sounds; when music is smooth, we pretend to paint, and when music is jumpy, we pretend to be bunnies!

First Grade

""First grade has been learning all about music that sounds soft, medium, and loud! Your star students have learned our musician’s terms for volume in music: piano, mezzo-forte, and forte. We have been working on identifying the volume of music, and will be exploring why a composer might choose to have a specific dynamic! We have also been working on our two new vocabulary words: crescendo and decrescendo!

Second Grade

Second grade has been working on rhythm this month! We started off the month by playing a fun musical game called Closet Key, and used it to review duple eighth notes and quarter notes in class. We are learning to write and identify different rhythmic patterns in a duple meter! We are also learning about different instrument families, and are learning more about the orchestra through Peter and the Wolf!

Third Grade

""This month, we began a unit on solfege syllables! Students were introduced to Do, Re, and Mi; the first three scale degrees in a solfege scale. Learners were first introduced to these syllables through the game Sailor, Sailor, which is played to a song that uses all of our new solfege syllables! Students were also exposed to medieval music this month! We learned a little bit about the different types of music in medieval times, the types of instruments that might have been played, and the different instrument families they belonged to! Students were then given a chance to design their own medieval instrument. Due to snow, we didn’t get to finish our unit with a medieval dance, but hopefully we can return to it in March!

Fourth Grade

""Fourth grade learned all about different instrument families this month! This month, we learned that instruments are often grouped into four separate groups: percussion, woodwinds, brass, and strings. We played Instrument Bingo, where we identified each musical instrument by its sound, and grouped each musical instrument into its family! We also learned a little bit about the different types of music in medieval times, the types of instruments that might have been played, and the different instrument families they belonged to! Students were then given a chance to design their own medieval instrument!

Fifth and Sixth Grade

""Fifth and sixth grade started a unit on bucket drumming this month! Your learners studied Larry Wright, the first American bucket drummer, and learned about the relationship between found sounds and street performers! Fifth and sixth graders also learned some drumming techniques, began decoding different rhythms, and had a chance to create their own found sounds and ostinatos (repeated rhythms) using buckets, sticks, and the objects around them! This unit has also prepared students for musical literacy, which we will begin exploring in March! I look forward to exploring music in new ways when I see your learners next!


Lost and Found:

Please take a look at the pictures below and let us know if any of these items belong to you or your children.

Lost materialsLost materials

From AES Food Services:

As you know, breakfast and lunch is being provided at no cost to all AES students this year through a federal grant. We do not expect this grant to continue into next year, and we are encouraging all families who think they might qualify for free or reduced lunch to complete and submit the required paperwork in order to be registered for next year. To find the necessary forms, and information, visit Andover Elementary Food Services.

Each morning, the AES Morning Announcements will be available via Zoom at 8:45 AM. Distance Learners can tune in each morning.

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AHM launched a new program called Health Matters. Health Matters is a mind and body wellness program developed by AHM’s Leadership, Mental Health and Prevention Teams; funded by a Grant from the Cigna Foundation.

Activities include Yoga Flow for All, Chair Yoga, Introduction to Tai Chi (Meditative Movement), Storytime Yoga, Zentangle Drawing, and Zumba Fitness®. Three workshops are planned: Love Your Face Therapy (LYFT) Workshop and two Mindfulness & Meditation Workshops; one for yourself and one for the entire family to participate in together. To learn more or to register, visit Health Matters.

Reminders from the Office

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This month’s lunch menus

All students are now eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch every day from now until June 30, 2021. The USDA approved the funding for children aged 18 and under. Families may opt for a once a week pick up on Wednesdays from 11:30 – 12:30 at the front of the Capt. Nathan Hale School in Coventry. These meals are ordered every two weeks and come frozen, ready to heat at home. These meals can be ordered by clicking HERE.

Any AES family who needs assistance with internet connectivity, please contact John Briody at 860-742-7339. We have wifi “Hotspots” available.


Please be sure to notify the school if your child/children are going to be absent from school for any reason. This includes our students who are currently Distance Learners.

Please report the absence by notifying the school one of the following ways:

1. Call our Attendance Line at (860) 742-7339, Extension 303 or

2. Email:

We request that you please do not report your child's absence through the Remind App. Thank you very much.