Sunday Scoop 10/31/2021

Happy Harvest!

Andover’s traditional Harvest Festival Parade returned to AES on Friday afternoon when students from Pre-K through grade 6 had an opportunity to dress up at the end of the day and parade along the front of the building before enjoying ice cream and cookies with their classmates. Several parents lined the driveway and enjoyed the parade. It was a nice way to end the month of October and send them off into Halloween Weekend. We hope it’s not too scary!

Kids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for picturesKids in Halloween costumes posing for pictures

Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent/Teacher conferences are planned for the week of November 1, 2021. Each family will receive an invitation to complete a survey in advance of the conferences that addresses your child(ren)’s interests in order for us to individualize instruction in the classroom. Your responses to the survey will be discussed during the conferences, and we will be following up with you to see how we are doing. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. By now, you should have received the results from your child(ren)’s benchmark assessments in reading and math. We are piloting a new assessment tool, i-Ready, and we look forward to having a conversation about this one data point out of many that measure student learning and growth. If you have not yet scheduled a virtual conference, please reach out to your child’s teacher to choose a date and time. Students will be dismissed at 1:00 PM on November 3 and 4.

Veterans Day Celebration

We are currently planning an outdoor celebration of Veterans to take place on Wednesday November 10 at 10:00 AM. We will be inviting all Veterans that are part of our AES community and those who reside in Andover to join us. An invitation will be sent home with all students this week and will be posted on our website under Sunday Scoop Attachments. If we have inclement weather on the 10th, we will move the celebration to November 12th at 10:00.

What’s Happening in Spanish?

Students in grades 3-6 have two thirty minute classes each week. Third graders will receive an exploratory style curriculum based on vocabulary themes while grades 4, 5, and 6 are being taught with the Comprehensible Input language learning approach.

In 3rd grade we use songs, games, images and movement to learn vocabulary. Third graders have been working on the calendar and have mastered numbers 1-10, days of the week and weather. We recently moved onto the months and seasons. Below are third graders singing and dancing to our weather song, completing puzzles and using flashcards to practice vocabulary. Ask your third grader to sing our days of the week song for you!

Students learning SpanishStudents learning SpanishStudents learning SpanishStudents learning SpanishStudents learning Spanish

Grades 4-6 are in Phase One of the CI approach. They are focusing on places of interest, describing these places and sharing preferences. Student interest guides the direction of class. Fourth graders have been leaning towards discussing the mountains and lake. Fifth grade interest has brought our discussions to Andover Lake and the fair while sixth graders have enjoyed talking about their house and the beach. Many classes begin with a calendar discussion where we check in with each other, and review the weather, days of the week and numbers. Students in grades five and six have recently begun leading our calendar discussion; I’m so proud of them!

Students in classStudents in class

(students in grade 5 and 6 leading our class check in)

Step one to each class theme/discussion is understanding. We use images and movement to reinforce meaning. After much input students begin to use the language themselves. Students in grades 4-6 have been surveying each other on topics such as restaurants and school subjects. We use the collected data to discuss what the class loves, likes, and dislikes in Spanish and to make comparisons. Below are 4th, 5th and 6th graders finding out how their peers feel about different school subjects. Ask your student to show off their interview skills with you in Spanish!

Students in classStudents in classStudents in classStudents in classStudents in classStudents in classStudents in class

Kindergarten Celebrates Unity Day 2021

The kindergarten teachers have been spending time with their students to learn about bullying and kindness in preparation for Unity Day. They started on October 21st by reading the story We're All Wonders by R.J. Palacio and discussing inclusion and acceptance. Over the next week, each class worked on designing 2 unique puzzle pieces, as well as individual mini planets. This past Thursday, as the whole school participated in Unity Day activities, our kindergartners got together and worked as a team to assemble our unity kindergarten puzzle - which serves as the center of our Unity Day Universe. All of our pieces are on display in the kindergarten hallway, where we can notice how our unique creations combine together to make our own inclusive, beautiful solar system - a reminder that our world can be a place of belonging and uniqueness.

Students in gym sitting in circleStudents participating in Unity DayUnity Day ArtStudents in cafeteria writing ideas for kindnessStudents placing ideas for kindness onto cafeteria wall

AES Students & Staff wore orange as a visual reminder of one way to show our unity. We also recorded our ideas of how to show kindness and acceptance and displayed them on posters in the cafeteria.

Online Art Galleries for grades K-6

Artsonia is the world’s largest student online art museum. Throughout the year, photos will be taken of various art projects and uploaded to your child’s art gallery in grades k-6. You will get a notification every time work is published. Galleries can be set as public or private.

Parents and family members can view the art online, leave comments, and order keepsakes featuring the art such as: masks, t-shirts, magnets and mugs through Artsonia’s gift shop. The school will receive a portion of the proceeds from any keepsakes ordered. Permission slips for kindergarten, new students, and students who have not yet registered have been sent home. We hope you enjoy viewing your child’s art!

If you have any questions or are missing your permission form please email Mrs. Waine at

AES Sunday Scoop

From the AES Parent and Teacher Association (PTA)


  • PTA Online Membership Form
  • PTA Hardcopy Membeship Form
  • 2021-2022 Dues are $15 for family membership and $10 for teacher membership. Please make checks payable to ‘Andover PTA’.
  • Membership forms and dues payments can be returned at any PTA function or to the school in an envelope labelled “PTA Membership”.
  • We are excited to share our Fall Fundraisers! Please support the AES PTA. For more details, check out our Fall Fundraiser Flyer
  • Stop by the AES PTA table at Back to School Night! You can order an AES Hoodie or AES T-shirt and we will be raffling off a basket of prizes- Don't miss out!


  • We meet the 1ST TUESDAY OF EACH MONTH AT 7:00P in the AES Library (masks required). This year, all meetings will also be held via Google Meet – you can participate by phone or computer:
  • To join via Computer,  visit AES Google Meet
  • To join by Phone: Call 701-484-3766 and enter 493 335 017 when prompted for a pin.
  • 2021 Meetings Schedule:
  • September 7th
  • October 5th
  • November 2nd
  • December 7th
  • PTA Meeting Minutes will be posted online for those who cannot make it


  1. PURCHASE YOUR GIFT CARDS FROM SCRIP – purchase cards at face value as gifts or purchase for places you routinely shop. A donation will be made - at no cost to you! - to the PTA each time you shop. Be sure to enter the AES Enrollment Code: 47F 822L 655L 32
    • Online: go to Shop With Scrip to shop from your computer. (Cards are bulk emailed out every 2-4 weeks)
    • Mobile App: Download the RaiseRight app and shop from your phone. (Direct shipping is available. If you use the app, link to a bank account rather than a credit card to avoid being charged a fee.)
  2. SHOP AMAZON SMILE AND SELECT THE PTA* AS YOUR CHARITY – Each time you shop through 0.5% of each eligible purchase is donated to the PTA – at no cost to you. (Might not seem like a lot, but trust us – it adds up!) Mention it to family and friends too – anyone can select the AES PTA as their charity of choice!
    NOTE: Be sure to select Ptsa Connecticut Inc Andover PTA as the charity as there are a few Andover PTAs in USA.
    • New Customers: Go to Amazon Smile and click the ‘Get Started’ button at the top. Then click the “Create Your Amazon Account” button to set up an account. Once set up see the ‘existing customers’ instructions.
    • Existing Customers: Log in to your Amazon account and then select “Your Account” and then “Amazon Smile” from the menu options. Select Ptsa Connecticut Inc Andover PTA as your charity. (If you already have a charity selected click “Change Charity”.) Bookmark and remember to use that link when you shop!
    • Mobile App customers (*Only for Android version 7.0+ and iOS version 12+): Download the Amazon app to you Apple or Android device. Open the app and tap on “AmazonSmile” within the Programs & Features menu (or in Settings) and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. SUBMIT YOUR GROCERY RECEIPTS TO BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION – Go to Box Tops For Education and click the ‘Join Now’ button at the top right. Enter 06232 in the zip code box and select ‘Next’. Click ‘Select this School’ below the AES listing. Enter your contact information, email and create a password.
    • Clipped BoxTops: If you have clipped BoxTops please return them to school ASAP – each ‘top’ is worth $0.10 to AES!
    • Digital Receipts: Using the email address you used to enroll, forward your email to (Or you can scan with a computer and go to Box Tops For Education - Contact Us and select ‘Submit a Digital Receipt’ – complete your information, upload a scan of the receipt and click submit.)
    • Printed Receipts: Scan your receipt with the BoxTops for Education mobile app to submit.
  4. LINK YOUR SHOPRITE PRICE PLUS REWARDS CARD TO AES – Pick up a ShopRite Price Plus card at ShopRite. Go to Shop Rite For Education and enter your card number. Click the Update Contact Information link in the upper right-hand corner and select AES as the school you wish to support. (Bonus: You’ll earn bonus BoxTops rewards points for AES by using your card!)


    1. purchase a ShopRite gift card from Scrip
    2. activate your ShopRite gift card and select AES PTA as your charity
    3. go to ShopRite on Spencer Street in Manchester to shop – pay with your gift card, and then
    4. scan your receipt with your BoxTops app. Your earn donations galore for AES!

Please follow us at Andover PTA Facebook Page to check out other ways you can help support the PTA and all things happening!

There is still time to order a yearbook for 2020-21. Simply call the office or send an email to Rosemary Crandall at The yearbooks are $16.00 each.

Reminders from the Office

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Lunch Menus

All students are now eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch every day from now until June 30, 2022. The USDA approved the funding for children aged 18 and under.

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