Friday Memo 3-9-18

Super Speller!     

Juliet McShane represented AES on Saturday at the Connecticut Spelling Bee at the University of Saint Joseph in West Hartford.  Thirty-five spellers from across the state in grades 4-8 competed for a chance to represent Connecticut at the Scripps National Spelling Bee in May.  

After 14 rounds, Juliet was one of five spellers remaining.  She finished tied for third place!  We are all extremely proud of her hard work and amazing accomplishment.  Congratulations Juliet!

Friday was Husky Spirit Day at AES and Husky pride was on display.  Be sure to check out the pictures at the end of this memo!   

class with UCONN gear on

On Monday afternoon, the AES PTA invited Caryn Lin to inform and entertain our students with her performance of The Science of Sound.  Ms. Lin used  an electric violin and sound effect pedals to create original music and teach about sound waves and making music.  It was a highly engaging performance and several students were able to actively participate.  Special thanks to Lori Blake and the PTA!

1st & 2nd Grade Math Night March 14th


Wednesday night will have our 1st & 2nd grade students and parents having fun with math. There will be  lots of math games that demonstrate the many ways that math can be exciting. Students will be challenged along with their parents to games like “Skip Counting Cup Stacking”, a QR code scavenger hunt, math riddles, puzzles, estimation stations, and even a math obstacle course. This event will take place from 6:00-7:30 and will begin in the cafeteria. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Frazier ( 

STEM families banner


Announced LIVE on the National PTA’s Facebook page, it became official news on Thursday that Andover PTA is the recipient of a STEM + Family Tech Night grant sponsored by Microsoft. The grant will allow for 5th & 6th grade students to collaboratively build a robotic finger with their parents during an event at the school that will celebrate STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). There were a total of 35 winners out of 280 applicants across the country. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting opportunity!

What’s Happening in PE?        

Things continue to be very busy down in the AES gymnasium!  Students in grades 5 and 6 are in full swing of their 2018 AES Volleyball tournament.  Students have progressed into modified games now that they have learned how to serve, bump, set, spike (not quite yet), and rotate.  We are playing in a round robin tournament where all teams will compete against one another.  Mixed gender and ability teams are made and students make up a creative name that goes onto the board in a bracket style tournament (much like March madness for college basketball).  You can imagine how competitive and fun it is to watch the “Llamas with Hats” play against the “Tacos” or the “Gargling Gargoyles” play in a nailbighter against “Blarbnarbs!”  It is a blast to play in and even more fun to watch, trust me!!  In 6th grade we will come up with a class champion from each class and those two teams will play in a match against one another during recess on a day we decide on to see who the 6th grade champion is!  

The students in 3rd and 4th grade are following a similar tournament while learning the game of Badminton.  Students have learned how to serve and to hit the birdie back and forth.  They have learned to play fairly and how to show good sportsmanship no matter the outcome of the game.  Some students are still learning how the scoring and rotating works, but the skills and the games are coming together nicely!  Just like in the 5th and 6th grade tournament, teams are made and students come up with names and they play all other teams to see how they do.  Just like in the Volleyball tournament, the games are full of nervousness and excitement as you can imagine.  When the “Fuzzy Furballs” play against the very ferocious team, “Banana”, it really gets competitive!  

Students in the younger grades just got done using the parachute for two weeks which is a great transition into what we are going to be focusing on more now.  With the parachute, students learned that we need to play as a team and that everyone needs to be focused and on the same page for the parachute activities to work correctly.  Students learned games like, “cat and mouse”, and “sharks and lifeguards” which focus on teamwork and cooperation.  Throughout the year, we discuss these character words so that the students know what they mean and why they are important.  I like to spend time teaching them some games and activities that better explain and demonstrate how these words and concepts work.  After practicing with the parachute, we began playing a game where all students hold hands and they must pass a hula-hoop around the circle without breaking the chain.  This game is cleverly called, “Hula-hoop pass” and it requires communication and stresses team building and teamwork.  We will then move into other cooperative activities that may include games such as, “Toxic River Crossing”, “Pipeline”, “Survivor”, and “Sharks.”  All of these games are different, but require similar levels of teamwork and communication that students can use in many areas of their lives (riding the bus, lunchtime, walking in the hallways, playing an instrument in the band, anything that requires students to work as a team) and we all know as adults that we take these lessons with us into our jobs and everyday lives.  Many of these games listed above will be too challenging for Pre-K and Kindergarten, although we did use the parachute and the students did a really nice job with it!  As we progress later into the year, and play games together, we will continue to stress and practice teamwork and cooperation concepts so that as they move into the older grades, that understand those concepts and skills.                

Silver Sneaker Award Winners For This Week     

Congratulations to Alyssa in Mrs. Bech’s class and Robert in Mrs. Bush’s class  for receiving the Silver Sneaker this week.  

Alyssa is receiving this award for being a leader in class. She is able to work with any classmate and is always willing to help another student.  Alyssa has a positive attitude and is kind to others.  She sets a good example in her classes by being a good listener getting her work done!  Congratulations Alyssa!

Robert is receiving this award for how far he has come this year. He has matured and grown a lot since the beginning of the school year and he now has a much more positive attitude towards school and learning.  He is a good friend to the other students and loves to be in school.  Great job and keep it up, Robert!  

silver sneaker winners

From the Superintendent’s Desk – March 2018 

Dear Andover Elementary School Parents & Guardians, I want everyone to be aware that we are changing some of our procedures regarding entering the building during the school day.  We have placed a new sign at the Main Entrance asking everyone to push the outside buzzer and wait to be buzzed in by office staff.  No other entrances should be used by anyone entering the building during school hours. 

As has been done in the past, everyone must sign in at the Main Office and wear a Visitor Badge throughout their time in the building, followed by signing out again in the Main Office.  Parents may not walk their children to class.  Children will be escorted to class by a staff member. 

Thank you for your assistance in this important matter.  Our goal, first and foremost, is the safety and health of all of Andover Elementary School’s children and staff. 

~ Sally Doyen, Ed.D.   Superintendent     

The last day of school for students is scheduled for June 22, 2018. If there is one more cancellation, students will not be required make this day up.  If there is more than one more cancellation, April vacation will be reduced beginning with Monday April 16th.  If you have any questions, please contact me.      

As part of our continued efforts to focus on overall wellness, we will not be selling “snacks” in the cafeteria on Mondays through Thursdays.  These “snacks” primarily consisted of bags of chips and ice cream.  Students will be able to purchase these “snacks” every Friday.  Please contact Mr. Briody with any questions or concerns.  

The Annual Andover Elementary School Talent Show is coming soon! We are looking for a variety of acts which may include: singing, dancing, magic, playing an instrument, ventriloquists, skits, comedy, poetry, recitation, juggling, hula-hooping or any other special talent you may have!Auditions will be held Tuesday, April 3rd after school on the stage.

Permission forms were sent home and are due March 28th.  Extra forms are attached to this memo.   If you have any questions please contact Paula King at: or 860-209-1279.     

PTA Young Author’s Night Returns!

Writing is an important way for kids to express themselves. Sometimes they are able to write about things that they would not say out loud.   This event lets students feel the pride of being a published author!  Please help your students author a book this year for Young Author’s Night.  If illustrations are not included, authors can hand draw pictures the evening of the event.  Font, text size, paragraph spacing and spelling will be edited for the books to fit a common format.  Alternatively, you can submit each book page as a JPEG and the book will not be edited.

Submission Guidelines:

Student’s name must be clearly written on each book

Teacher’s name & Grade

Title of Book

“Dedicated To” sentence (optional)

An “About the Author” section must be included

Photos must be submitted as JPEG with a file size of 150 dpi and 300 dpi; <30MB & <4000pixels

Submit electronically to   by March 12, 2018

Complete submissions due on MARCH  12, 2018 - Late submissions will not be published.  You will find a flyer attached to this memo.

The School Readiness Council is seeking preschool parent representatives.  This organization oversees and makes decisions regarding our Andover Elementary School Early Learning Center.  If you are interested in joining us once a month from 3:15-4:00, please inform your child's teacher or contact our school principal, Mr. John Briody.

Reminders from the Office

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday March 29th from 1:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  Students will be dismissed at 1:00 PM on that day.  

Student report cards for the second trimester will be going home on Tuesday March 27th in advance of the parent teacher conferences on March 29.  Please contact your child’s teacher or Rosemary Crandall if you would like to schedule a conference.  

Youth Baseball Registration for 2018 is underway.

PTA Young Author’s Night is Thursday March 22, 2018.  Please submit student stories by March 12, 2018.

Our students in grades K-6 go outside for recess every day during the winter as long as the temperature is above 15 degrees Fahrenheit when factoring in the wind chill.  Snow pants, boots, hats and gloves are required for students to be able to play in the snow during recess.  Please let us know if you need any of these items.  

Our School Messenger Alert System communicates by phone, email and text for weather-related closings.  If you would like to receive text notifications, text Yes to 67587.  There is an information flyer attached to this memo.  

If you would like to add or remove any numbers or email addresses, please call the office or send an email.All student drop-offs and pick-ups take place in the lower parking lot and utilize the cafeteria doors.  If you are meeting with a teacher, you must park in the upper lot and report to the office for a visitor badge.

All arrivals after 8:35 AM must be through the main office doors.  Any student who is not picked up from the cafeteria by 3:10 PM will be brought to the main office to wait.  

We hope you are having an enjoyable weekend!


Here are some pictures from this week: