Friday Memo 3-16-18

parents and students in the cafe

Math Night Rocked!     

First and Second Grade students brought their families back to school on Wednesday evening for a special interactive night of Mathematics and fun.  Mrs. Frazier, our math and technology specialist, planned stations and activities that were engaging and educational for our young and “older” mathematicians.

She was assisted by Mrs. DelMastro, Mrs. Beloin, Mrs. Paquette, Ms. LaRosee, our student teachers and several 6th grade student volunteers. We had over seventy participants for this highly successful event!  Be sure to check out the photos at the end of this memo and stay tuned for the date of our STEM Family and Tech Night for 5th and 6th grade students and their families. Thank you to everyone who helped make Family Math Night such an overwhelming success!

student with 3 teachers math activity on rugadult and student at math nightmath activity at tables

    The Andover Board of Education voted unanimously on Wednesday evening to open school on Friday March 30, 2018 (Good Friday).  School will begin at 8:30 AM and we will dismiss students at 1:00 PM.

What's Happening in Music?

t’s that time again-- new month, new musician! The March musician of the month is Ella Fitzgerald. Known as the “First Lady of Song,” Ella Fitzgerald was a pioneer of scat singing in jazz music and is well known and loved today. She first started performing after winning a competition at the Apollo Theatre when she was only 17! She was chosen for this month because the 4th graders are currently studying jazz music.

It’s my pleasure to write to you this week! My name is Ms. Katie Crawford and I am Mr. Piros’s student teacher. I will be teaching and learning from your students until the beginning of May. Your students are very bright and it’s a been a delight to teach them so far. At this point, I know all of their names and look forward to the upcoming weeks of music making!

In general music, Pre-K is exploring fast and slow as well as how music tells stories. We recently sang snow songs to celebrate our winter weather like Let’s Make a Snowman and See the Pretty Snowflakes. Kindergarten played If You’re Happy and You Know It while playing boomwackers! It was an exciting class of music making and there will be more boomwackers in classes to come.

First and second grade are both studying the families of instruments. They have played various percussion instruments, ukuleles, and buzzed into the mouthpieces of brass instruments to explore the different ways that sound is made. Third grade continues to study recorder and has started to write their own music. Their task is to write music that they could then perform. Many young composers have stepped up to the challenge and their creations show real thought and understanding of their recorders.  

girl trying instrumentboy testing instrument

Fourth grade is studying a jazz unit designed by Ms. Crawford. They are learning about jazz from its start through the “Cool Jazz” era. Students are improvising on xylophones, metalaphones, and percussion instruments, as well as scatting like Ella Fitzgerald! Fifth grade has dug into their baritone ukulele unit playing songs like “Stand By Me” and “Auld Lang Syne.” They have already learned several chords with more to come! Sixth grade continues to work on their composition project to write a new school song. They are learning to operate the software program Noteflight in order to notate the songs they are composing. Noteflight is a powerful tool to both create and share music and is accessible online anywhere with internet access. The finished products from this project will be wonderful to hear!

Eastern Regional concert

Congratulations to Maddie Graves! Maddie performed on her trumpet with the Eastern Regional Middle School Concert Band at Connecticut College. There was a long evening of rehearsal on Friday, March 9 followed by a day of rehearsal and a large concert on Saturday, March 10. Great work, Maddie! We hope there are many more fulfilling festival experiences in your future!  

From The Superintendent's Desk - March 16, 2018

Dear Andover Elementary School Parents & Guardians,

At its March 14, 2018 meeting, the Andover Board of Education voted to make March 30, 2018 an early release day at 1:00 p.m.  Students will have lunch that day and will go through a normal morning schedule.  This decision was based on the large number of snow days that we have already incurred (10) and will provide us a one-day buffer against additional closing days.  The Board also approved next year’s calendar, 2018-2019.

At its meeting, after several review sessions, the Board also voted to approve the 2018-2019 AES budget in the amount of $4,195,000.  This amount is a decrease of 1.89% from our current year’s budget.  This budget adequately supports our school programs, staff, and curriculum, taking into account our decrease in student enrollment for next year.  The Board also reviewed and approved a facility projects list that we will undertake this spring as time and funds permit. 

Please let me know if you have any questions about these items or other issues.  Thank you.

~ Sally Doyen, Ed.D.   Superintendent

Silver Sneakers Award Winners For This Week

     Congratulations to Paige in Mrs. Bech’s class and Salleah in Mrs. Jacob’s  class for receiving the award this week.  

Paige is receiving this award for her 2nd time.  She has been nominated again for being helpful, respectful, and empathetic towards others.  She is hardworking and a good role model.  Paige is kind to everyone and has a positive attitude about learning and school.  Great job, Paige!

Salleah is receiving this award for the great growth that she has made this year.  Salleah has become much more independent and has had a positive attitude.  Her teachers have noticed that she is making good choices to receive positive recognition and they are so proud of her.  Keep up the good work, Salleah!  

silver sneaker awards

The Annual Andover Elementary School Talent Show is coming soon! We are looking for a variety of acts which may include: singing, dancing, magic, playing an instrument, ventriloquists, skits, comedy, poetry, recitation, juggling, hula-hooping or any other special talent you may have!

Auditions will be held Tuesday, April 3rd after school on the stage.

Permission forms were sent home and are due March 28th.  Extra forms are attached to this memo.   If you have any questions please contact Paula King at: or 860-209-1279.


Andover Won!

Announced LIVE on the National PTA’s Facebook page, it became official news on Thursday that Andover PTA is the recipient of a STEM + Family Tech Night grant sponsored by Microsoft. The grant will allow for 5th & 6th grade students to collaboratively build a robotic finger with their parents during an event at the school that will celebrate STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics). There were a total of 35 winners out of 280 applicants across the country. Stay tuned for more information about this exciting opportunity!

     The School Readiness Council is seeking preschool parent representatives.  This organization oversees and makes decisions regarding our Andover Elementary School Early Learning Center.  If you are interested in joining us once a month from 3:15-4:00, please inform your child's teacher or contact our school principal, Mr. John Briody.

Reminders from the office

Parent Teacher Conferences are scheduled for Thursday March 29th from 1:00 PM until 6:00 PM.  Students will be dismissed at 1:00 PM on that day.  

Student report cards for the second trimester will be going home on Tuesday March 27th in advance of the parent teacher conferences on March 29.  Please contact your child’s teacher or Rosemary Crandall if you would like to schedule a conference.  

As part of our continued efforts to focus on overall wellness, we will not be selling “snacks” in the cafeteria on Mondays through Thursdays. Students will be able to purchase these “snacks” every Friday.

Youth Baseball Registration for 2018 is underway.

Our students in grades K-6 go outside for recess every day during the winter as long as the temperature is above 15 degrees Fahrenheit when factoring in the wind chill.  

Snow pants, boots, hats and gloves are required for students to be able to play in the snow during recess.  Please let us know if you need any of these items.  

Our School Messenger Alert System communicates by phone, email and text for weather-related closings.  If you would like to receive text notifications, text Yes to 67587.  There is an information flyer attached to this memo.  

If you would like to add or remove any numbers or email addresses, please call the office or send an email.

All student drop-offs and pick-ups take place in the lower parking lot and utilize the cafeteria doors.  If you are meeting with a teacher, you must park in the upper lot and report to the office for a visitor badge.

All arrivals after 8:35 AM must be through the main office doors.  

Any student who is not picked up from the cafeteria by 3:10 PM will be brought to the main office to wait.   hope you have an enjoyable weekend!


Here are some pictures from this week: