Students in NYC

Sunday Scoop 01/12/20

Happy New Year!

The AES class of 2020 ventured to the Big Apple on Monday morning. They rolled out of the school parking lot at an early hour to get to the city for a day of learning and adventure. Traffic was in their favor throughout the day as they were able to arrive at each destination in time and even return home one hour earlier than anticipated.

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Sunday Scoop 12/22/19

Happy Holidays!
Andover’s students, staff and family members sang their way into the Holiday Break with a very festive sing-along on Friday afternoon. Each grade level had the opportunity to lead one of the songs and everyone got into the spirit! We hope that you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your school vacation.

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PJ Day

Sunday Scoop 12/15/19

Pajama Time!

AES students and staff wore their pajamas to school on Friday in recognition of CCMC’s 9th annual PJ Day for the Kids and in celebration of our December Spirit Day! Our school will be donating one dollar for each of our students to show support for patients at Connecticut Children’s.

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Snow Day

Sunday Scoop 12/08/19

Snow Daze!

Snow arrived early this year and our students have truly enjoyed being outside and playing! From snowmen to snow angels to snow forts and giant snow boulders, recess has been a blast these last three days. As you know, we try to get outside every day. Be sure to send your children with hats, gloves, boots and snow gear.

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