The Andover Elementary School Early Learning Center follows the Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards and the Connecticut Documentation & Observation for Teaching System (CT DOTS) as guides for teaching and assessing.  Our program is NAEYC accredited.  In addition, we are regularly monitored by the School Readiness Council and our staff continually seeks out professional development opportunities.

General Daily Schedule

Monday through Friday, 8:30am-3:00pm

  • Table Time
  • Group Time/Morning Meeting
  • Snack
  • Center Time
  • Outdoor Learning/Play Time
  • Group Time Lesson
  • Specials Classes (Tech Time, Physical Education, Art, Music, Library)
  • Lunch
  • Rest Time
  • Outdoor Learning



When children arrive, they take responsibility for their belongings; unpacking personal items and putting in cubbies, placing folders in bins, and hanging coats and backpacks.  Children learn independence and responsibility by caring for their personal belongings.

Table Time

Table time is an opportunity for children to work on fine motor skills and/or cognitive skills.  This may be in the form of writing practice, beading, building with manipulatives, cutting, using play dough, sorting and counting materials, or assembling puzzles.  During this time, staff is able to work with individuals or small groups on specific skills.

Group Time/Morning Meeting

  • Greeting Songs - These songs help to build name recognition, direction following and gross motor skills.
  • Morning Moves - These moves are designed to reinforce gross motor development.
  • Calendar - Children practice identifying the days of the week, months of the year, and counting.  Each month, a different pattern is created by the calendar pieces.  Children practice identifying and reading the patterns.
  • Curriculum Related Activities - Children are exposed to learning opportunities to reinforce the ELDS through unit-based lessons and activities.

Center Time

The classroom includes several learning centers.  Centers are used to build social skills, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive skills, and literacy and math skills.  The centers are theme or standards based.  Center time allows children to build independence by choosing from a variety of activities.  Center time allows for staff to work in small groups or individually with children to help reinforce skills.

Group Time/Lessons

Lessons can involve whole class or small group instruction.  Lessons are based on themes which correlate to the Early Learning and Development Standards.  They are developed based on the needs and interests of the children in the class.  Lessons include the use of quality literature and a related activity to help reinforce the standards.


Snack and lunch time helps to build social skills, independence and language development.  During these times, children practice self-help skills such as washing/drying hands, pouring from a pitcher, opening containers, brushing teeth, and cleaning up after self.  Snacks are provided by the program.  Families send in lunches from home or lunches are available for purchase from the AES cafeteria.

Outdoor Time

Children have the opportunity to play outside each day, weather permitting.  Outdoor play builds social and gross motor skills.  The Outdoor Learning Center also provides an opportunity for lessons in an outside environment.


Children attend special classes each day.  These include Physical Education, Music, Library, Art and Tech Time.

Rest Time

Students are given the time to rest or nap in the afternoon.   Rest mats are provided by the program; rest blankets are provided by families.  Students that do not sleep are provided books or quiet activities.


Children practice independence and responsibility in caring for their belongings.  The children work on several fine motor self-care skills such as zipping, snapping and buttoning as they prepare to go home.