Health Services

Karen Zito, RN, School Nurse

The school health services are provided by a full-time school nurse employed by the Board of Education. Using clinical knowledge and judgment, the school nurse provides heath care to students and staff, performs health screening and coordinates referrals to other school resources, healthcare providers, emergency services when needed or other community resources. The school nurse serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, community and healthcare providers to advocate for health, safety and academic success in the school environment. 


Connecticut Department of Health Updated Guidance 12-31-2021

Administration of Medications in School

If it is necessary for a child to take medication at school, parents should make the following arrangements: State law CGS 10-212a-2 requires that all medication, including sunscreen and cough drops, be brought to school by the parent and administered by a licensed school nurse, or if absent, a principal or teacher. Written authorization from the parent and physician is required. A special form for the administration of both prescription and non-prescription medication is available in the school office and must be filed with
the school.

Illness/Injury in School

If a pupil becomes ill or is injured during the school day and must be sent home, the nurse will notify the parent/guardian or, if not available, the person noted on the emergency identification card. If information on the emergency information card changes during the year, please notify the school office immediately.

Returning to School After an Illness/Injury

According to our school physician, a student may return to school after an illness if he/she has not had loose stools, vomited, or had a fever for 24 hours and is tolerating a regular diet. A physician’s note is required for students returning to school with any physical aid such as an ace bandage, splint, cast or crutches.

Physical Examination

School health legislation requires a physical examination for Pre-School students on a yearly basis (and for those who will be entering kindergarten), and again before entering seventh grade. Physical examinations will be conducted by the school physician for those pupils whose parents/guardians who are unable to obtain an examination from their family physician. It is very important that you keep a copy of your child’s last physical for camps and emergency purposes.

Health Screenings

Vision screenings are administered annually to all pupils in grades PreK-6 by the Lion's Club. Hearing screenings are performed in K,1,2,3, and 5. 

Screening for scoliosis is done in the spring for girls in fifth grade.

Parents will be notified in writing of any deviation from this schedule.

 Health Forms and information