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Save the Date for Our Art Shows:

-RHAM Evening of the Arts Art Show, Thursday May 30th at RHAM High School, Doors open at 4:45 pm for a evening of art performances, dinner, awards, and a concert. A selection of AES K-6 art will be submitted for the show. Invitations for these students were sent home the week of April 27th. However, all students and families are welcome. We hope to see you there! 

 -Thank you to all of our families and teachers who came out to see our AES Art Show and the Marlborough Student Art Show!


-Projects for all grades will be sent home periodically throughout the year. Specific pieces for each child will be saved for upcoming art shows that are held from February through May. 










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Welcome to Art! Art is a process. Parts of our artistic process may include:

-Reading books or researching

-Responding or talking about art

-Brainstorming ideas, lists, and diagrams

-Planning and sketching drafts

-Testing materials and techniques

-Making our artwork

-Peer feedback

-Evaluating our creations

-Revising or editing our creations

-Reflecting by writing about or talking about our art  


The two main components of our process are creating and responding.

Creating: Is when we develop our works of art! Creating includes planning (our ideas and how to use the art materials), talking about our plans, using feedback to refine our work and combining our art ideas with our learned art skills to create our work.

Responding: Is when we talk about art! Responding includes describing, analyzing, interpreting, and evaluating a work of art. This means we think about what we see, combine it with what we know, figure out the meaning of the artwork and evaluate its effectiveness. In art class, we use what we have learned when we respond to a specific work of art to help inform the creation of our artwork!



Art Standards at AES:


1)Demonstrates creative thinking and imaginative expression:

-Uses class activities such as brainstorming and planning to develop unique ideas

-Uses their own experiences and memories to illustrate their own perspective

2)Uses materials and tools effectively and safely:

-Uses art materials and tools as instructed

-Attention to craftsmanship (neatness and detail in work)  

3)Demonstrates an understanding of concepts, principles and elements presented:

-Can demonstrate an understanding through creating art and responding to art in class discussions and project reflections

-Follows project guidelines

-Uses peer and teacher feedback to revise and refine their work

4) Participates in class, stays on task:

-Comments and contributes to group and class projects, discussions, and critiques

-Focuses on their own work and does not distract peers

-Follows directions

-Helps with clean up  



-Willingness to explore and experiment with different ideas, materials, and techniques

-Creates and responds to art to the best of their ability

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