Crystal King-Adanti




General Homework:


Students need to choose a chapter book of their choice.  They are to be reading this book 20-30 minutes a night.

Students are assigned IXL every week.  They need to be getting at least 85% accuracy.  Assignments are due on Friday.  Please check your child's planner to see which strands they are responsible for each week.  (This extra practice benefits them greatly as it matches what they are learning in class.)

Book project due 12/9/20.  Requirements and options are posted on Google classroom.  If your child needs posterboard, they know they can get it from me.

**Spelling homework is the same every M-Th. New word lists are given each Monday. They will have spelling tests every Friday and will need to study.


Moon Journal: Students are to go outside each night beginning this evening and mark the time and date as well as picture of what the moon looks like.  They are to do this every night for the month of October.  

Websites to access to assist your child with math: **work your child does on a daily basis. **where to access specific help about our current math program **additional practice or fabulous 'how to videos' (we use these often when introducing a new concept) Khan academy is free to sign up.