Dean Miller






Important General Information

Appropriately return any needed school forms, once they have been filled out appropriately

June's theme for our school is safety

There was ..."No Homework (due to S.B.A.C. & i-ready testing) May 10-24th, only."

"Field Day" was June 10th-day of fun ('__').  

"Decade Day"  was a school spirit day, on June 3rd (Optional-dressed reflecting your favorite decade).   

 One of our students earned the honor of being able to participate in the state level "spelling bee", for 4th-8th graders, on March 27th.  She won 5th place on that date, while competing against the rest of the state's best spellers (again,...Grades 4-8)!  Well done, young person ('__')!



Due Date: June 16th, 2022 

       Complete "Sorting Your Words" appropriately.   Use your words for "Quiz # 33", to catergorize and classify them.          

         Reminder: Make sure that each word's spelling is correct, before you put the work away.  Check your words for patterns that are similar.      '__'    

         Be prepared for Thursday's possible (Thurs.-"6/16"/22) quiz on those words.   




Due date:  June 16th, 2022

We completed Unit 4 + 5 (Chp. 8 + 9) Comparing Fractions, Understanding Decimal Notation, and Building Understanding of Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication of Fractions:   The unit we finished (Unit 4) was mostly about comparing fractions and understanding decimal notation. The chapter (Chp. 9) focused on building and using that knowledge to do many tasks such as: relating tenths and decimals; relating hundredths and decimals; equivalent fractions and decimals; also, relating fractions, decimals, and money; problem solving, with money; adding fractional parts of 10 and 100; and comparing decimals.  We are now covering geometry and measurements-key concepts from Units 6-8: Chps. 10 -13.

   Please finish, G.M.-Volume 1, pg. 310, #1-5 only; #6 is an "optional" challenge problem (...a review of previous concepts learned); Refer to your notes (that are in your "Math Journal"), or other appropriate resources, as needed.     

   Also, keep practicing your basic multiplication math facts.   Keep using the cards we made, the way I (Mr. Miller) showed you, to do so.  Many of our class's students are still practicing "2-3s"; ...some of our class's students are now on the "3-4s";  also, some are on "0-4s", some are now on "4-5s", and some are now on "0-5s", and some are  on "5-6s"; we also have some on "0-6s"; we also have some on" 6-7"s ...and mastery and beyond, this week. '__'

   Again, practice your assigned multiplication basic facts.  You will be quizzed on your specific math facts,  possibly on Thursday (Thurs.-"June 16th", 2022). 















 Due Date:   Daily (assigned Monday-Friday only)  June 1 - 17th, 2022  (Note:  No homework for reading, at this time)

(Note, ...again:  No Homework for reading, at this time)

Please make sure you are reading your group's assigned (nonfiction) book OH, RATS!, for today (at least 5 pages read each day, Monday through Friday); make sure to then finish journaling, as well, by this Friday. 

You will have time in school, for most of the reading, daily; Also, you will have time in school to complete the typing of your reading responses using our Googleclassroom, to do so.  Refer to your nonfiction journaling prompts for this week (for your response/s).

Again, make sure to complete your assigned pages of independent reading daily (OH, RATS!, book), of your group's assigned reading book.   Then you may read other readings of your choice.  







Due:   N/A              

No assigned writing homework.




Due:  N/A                   

No assigned science homework.



 Social Studies

 Due:  N/A

No assigned homework at this time.






English-"Powerful Sentences-Capitalizing"  

Due Date:  N/A

No assigned homework at this time.








Long Term Assignments


IXL.COM (optional) 4th Grd. Tasks   (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE IXL.COM RESOURCES are NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO USE, at this time.  We will be getting new resources added to our website, once they become available/usable)   

Due Date: Ongoing - independent practice-(NOT AVAILABLE NOW)       


       Use IXL.COM, to work on your math skills.  Try to get at least 82% proficiency on the objectives in Grade 4.  Then go back to work on any previous objective that you need to improve upon.  

  If you score less than 82% on any objective, click on the review of the problems you had difficulty with; Also, you can review your notes or other resources (even the "KhanAcademy" videos).  When done reviewing how, try again, until you get to at least 82% proficiency.

  Please continue working on the "IXL.COM" objectives for our grade only; objectives, of which, you are deficient or need to practice further to keep your skills sharp! 

    Remember to use the "" link to log on; Then use your IXL.COM username and password, to fully log on our school's website at IXL.COM.  Remember to keep practicing until you are proficient with your math skills!   '__'




 Days/Specials Guide-Miller's Class

Our class's  schedule now:  Monday= Art class; Tuesday= P.E. class; Wednesday= Library and Spanish classes; Thursday= Music class; Friday= Health and Spanish Classes.

    The schedule may be revised throughout the year.

    You will be notified if there is a change. '__'      


 (PLEASE NOTE THAT THE XTRAMATH.ORG RESOURCE IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR YOU TO USE-at this time.) ("optional".... work to improve your basic math fact knowledge-by working to increase you speed and accuracy in basic arithmetic operations)   

Due Date: Ongoing - independent practice  


       Use to work on your fluency of basic math facts, dealing with the four operations.  If possible, try to work on your facts daily.


Due date:   "ongoing resource"-optional    

   You can use your username and password to login:   

   This site has lots to offer, including such things as a "Things To Do-Assignments"- to work on skills that you need to improve (This site will give you aid, if you are unsure what to do).  Also there are digital copies of your GO MATH book's chapters, "i-Tools", math videos, math glossary,...and much, much more.

    I'd personally recommend using the "Interactive Student Edition (G4)", to help you with each lesson you are having difficulties with in our math book.  It has many great resources for you, all tied into that one program/app. ('__'). -Mr. Miller









Friday Folders

Due Date by Wednesday (Weekly)  

     Every week, look over your "Friday Folder" materials with your parent/s. 

     Make sure to return Friday Folders weekly, by Wednesday.




 For P.E.

Due Date:  N. A.

No assignments, at this time.



For Art

Due Date:  N.A.

No assignments, at this time.



For Spanish

Due Date:   N.A.

No assignments, at this time.