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Please have your child read nightly for at least 20 minutes. Encourage them to "try" to read unknown words. If they choose a book they have already read that is fine. Repeated readings build confidence and fluency. The more a child reads the better they will read. Remember the main purpose of reading is to gain meaning from print. My ultimate goal is to foster a love of reading and for children to become confident and effective readers. Beginning in September, your child will come home with a reading bag. They keep the bag all week and read the books in it. Some books may be hard if so, please help them. Some books might be easy, that will help build fluency. Remember the goal is to develop a foster a love of reading.




IXL Is a web site that offers practice with a variety of math topics.  For the month of September and October please practice addition and subtraction facts. Once your child has finished all of the problems in one area the program will automatically record the results.

Math Facts


Practice your facts nightly. Children should be able to answer facts fluently. Knowing math facts quickly helps to build a solid foundation.

Weekly Homework Packet


Homework packets will be sent home at the beginning of each week. Homework will provide practice time for skills that have been already taught.  The packet will go home on the first day of the week and will be due on Friday. Students should be able to complete homework independently but may need help during the first couple of months.



The spelling program that will be used this year is called Words Their Way.  The program is a word study for phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction.  Your child will come home with weekly words and will have a test on Friday.  Word lists are individualized for each student and is based upon their needs. 

Long Term Assignments


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