Tech Time

 What’s Happening in  TECH TIME? 

          Around Thanksgiving, students in grades 3rd-6th worked on the ability to copy & paste objects as they created festive images in a Google Slide. Besides practicing two different methods to copy & paste an object, the students had to refine their mouse control skills to place the blocks in the correct positions to form pixel pictures. 6th graders were challenged with an “Ugly Sweater” glyph. Using various decorating objects, the students had to manipulate them to fit the sweater. Check out these two “ugly” creations. :)     

           3rd and 4th graders have been tackling magic in the computer lab! They were solving multiplication problems that would reveal parts to a pixelated picture if the answer was correct. Students were very engaged in solving the problems as they wanted to be the first to reveal the pictures.  Here are two of the final pictures that were revealed: 2nd graders used their skills with the Seesaw app before Thanksgiving to record a video with a partner stating what they are thankful for and then creating a combined picture to depict those ideas.  Recently, the second graders refined their keyboarding skills by learning how to operate several games that required them to use the arrow keys on the keyboard as well as answer math problems correctly.          

                  Kindergarteners were introduced to coding with our coding mice. After learning the rules of how to use the mice and how to properly piece together their tracks, the students were challenged to create a simple track and code the mouse to go from one end to the other end. Students are learning to persevere and how to accept that the mouse only does what it is programmed to do.             

              First graders, who have experience with the coding mice, were challenged with the task of creating a track with five pieces, programming the mouse, and then recording it with an iPad using the Seesaw app. These videos will then be shown to the kindergarteners and used as a way to inspire and challenge them to code.      

             PreK students have been enjoying time with Dash the robot. They have learned about his xylophone and worked to identify the songs he played for them such as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Jingle Bells”. Working in stations, the students have been able to take turns using an iPad to drive Dash around the room. This week. the students learned how Dash also can be controlled using a puzzlet which uses tokens with images on them to perform certain commands. The students had to predict what Dash would do based on the picture of the tokens as they took turns placing them in the puzzlet.