Allison Bech


  Weekly Homework Assignments


Weekly Ongoing Assignments


Students should read at least 15 minutes daily outside of school.  Reading can be done independently, with an adult, or with a sibling.  The goal is to build reading fluency and comprehention skills and to make it a daily habit.  Please set aside a quiet space and time for your child to read.  Thank you for your support.


Friday Folders

Due Date Mondays

Friday folders are given out on Fridays and are due back signed on Mondays. In the folder you will find corrected work and important notices.  Signing the folder just means you received the folder and the work and notices inside of it.


We will be using a spelling program/word study program called Fundations.  Students will also be given a weekly list of spelling words on Mondays and a spelling test on Fridays.

Current Units of Study


We are currently on Unit 1 (Place Value)in Mathematics.


Unit 1 is called "Character Analysis." We will be reading According to Humphrey and Stone Fox.


Students wil be writing personal narrative papers during writer's workshop time.

Social Studies

We are working on a Map Skills Unit.






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